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The Fields of Trenzalore are Almost Upon Us!

Here’s another trailer for the upcoming Doctor Who Christmas special, which will also be actor Matt Smith’s last episode!

These trailers are looking good. Hopefully the episode makes up for the Smith’s lousy final season. As much as I’ll miss the guy, I can’t wait for Peter Capaldi! Who’s with me?

The Fall of the 11th

That fat blue guy who was just a head predicted this a long time ago: the Fall of the 11th! The Fields of Trenzalore! Here is a preview of this year’s Doctor Who Christmas special!

Looks pretty exciting to me! I have no doubt that Matt Smith is going to go out with an episode that rival’s even David Tennent’s farewell!

Short Preview for the Doctor Who Christmas Special

A tiny teaser trailer for Matt Smith’s final adventure as The Doctor has hit the web in the aftermath of the 50th anniversary special.

The trailer doesn’t say much, but it doesn’t have to, I’m more interested in talking about the anniversary special! What did everybody think? I loved it! The episode was classic Doctor Who, from the silly aliens, the wonderful humor and the emotional gutpunch. I thought Tennant and Smith were amazing together, and John Hurt was simply fantastic as the War Doctor. The guy really sold the role. I loved the twist ending to the Great Time War, and all the little cameos! I don’t think there’s anything I didn’t love about the special, other than the lack of Chris Eccleston, but that’s on him.

What did everyone else think?

Matt Smith Is Leaving Doctor Who!

I nominate myself as the new Doctor. I did some acting in high school – and that’s about it – but I think the world is ready for an overweight, nerdy American Doctor. They’re going to need to find somebody, because actor Matt Smith is stepping down from Doctor Who at the end of the year!

He was good. He will be missed.

Aw, who am I kidding! Matt Smith was great as the 11th Doctor, and starred in some of my all-time favorite episodes of the series! In fact, I would be hard pressed to say whether Matt Smith or David Tennant is my favorite Doctor. I’ve loved Smith’s quirkiness. It’s probably his defining characteristic. He always felt like a fish out of water, even though he knew pretty much everything there was to know about whatever he was facing. Plus that bow tie is just the bee’s knees. Though, of course, it’s probably safe to say I’ve loved Smith because of the great work behind the camera by show-runner Stephen Moffat. I’m a big fan of the cinematic style Moffat brought to the show in the Smith years, as well as the serialized storytelling. Those two made a great pair, and I’m glad that Moffat will be staying on.

According to the BBC, Smith will star in the upcoming 50th Anniversary Special in November, but then die in the annual Christmas episode at the end of the year. That should be pretty sad. The Christmas episodes are always top notch for Doctor Who. Current companion Jenna Louise Coleman will be still be with the show, as will John Hurt, who is playing a mysterious version of the Doctor. So that’s pretty cool.

Now let’s say goodbye to Matt Smith with my favorite moment in all of Doctor Who!

Good times!

Hilarious, Wicked Musical Doctor Who

Brought to us by the apparently amazing Steven Seller!

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