Short Preview for the Doctor Who Christmas Special

A tiny teaser trailer for Matt Smith’s final adventure as The Doctor has hit the web in the aftermath of the 50th anniversary special.

The trailer doesn’t say much, but it doesn’t have to, I’m more interested in talking about the anniversary special! What did everybody think? I loved it! The episode was classic Doctor Who, from the silly aliens, the wonderful humor and the emotional gutpunch. I thought Tennant and Smith were amazing together, and John Hurt was simply fantastic as the War Doctor. The guy really sold the role. I loved the twist ending to the Great Time War, and all the little cameos! I don’t think there’s anything I didn’t love about the special, other than the lack of Chris Eccleston, but that’s on him.

What did everyone else think?

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  1. Images Unplugged

    can’t wait

  2. SPOILER!!!

    The lack of Christopher Eccleston was palpable throughout the entire thing. But possibly the most awful during the regeneration. This was a great episode, but it could have been an eternal sci-fi classic if Eccleston didn’t get too big for his britches by playing a non-descript evil Thor villain.

    Oh I’d have given anything for him to turn on his crazy-eyes angry face at John Hurt. The Time War was freshest in his mind. It would have been so cool to see. Instead Matt Smith got to do all of Tennant’s schtick while Tennant had to pick up Eccleston’s slack and carry the faux romance.

    But Hurt’s Doctor was amazing. Why he wasted like 3 minutes shooting “No More” into a wall when he could have been saving babies and scaring Daleks is beyond me. They also needed to call him “The Oncoming Storm” a lot more. That is easily the coolest name ever. But I did love it when the TARDIS trampled a bunch of Daleks.

    Oh and the peace-treaty solution was brilliant. io9 does a whole thing on it. Oh and Clara saving the Doctor in the end was sublime. All she does is shake her head and it conveys everything. It is just the thing for people who think the companions are useless. The Doctor would be so screwed on his own.

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