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Happy Thanksgiving! How About Some DC Super Pets?

Happy Thanksgiving to my American readers. I’m currently home with my family enjoying a nice, big meal. But there are still movie trailers and superheroes to enjoy! In fact, how about you check out the first official trailer for DC League of Super-Pets?

This movie is apparently not what I expected. I thought this would actually feature DC’s wide menagerie of super animals. But nope! It’s apparently just Krypto the Super Dog and then a bunch of brand new, original super-powered animals. Weird choice.

Why would you make this movie and not include the real Ace the Bat-Hound? Or Jumpa the Wonder Kangaroo? Or Streaky the Supercat? What the heck are they even making?

DC League of Super-Pets arrives in theaters in May.


Behold Krypton; What Our Arrogance Has Wrought!

The TV executives were so preoccupied with whether or not they could that they didn’t stop to think if they should!

Confirmed by The Hollywood Reporter yesterday, the Syfy network is apparently working on a TV show called Krypton, which will be about Superman’s grandfather living on the infamous planet decades before it blows up. I guess Syfy finally figured out what to do with all those leftover Caprica scripts…


This is where our arrogance has brought us, people. We were so excited to get great TV shows like Arrow and The Flash that we didn’t realize what was happening! Apparently DC and Warner Bros. are in some kind of rush to produce as many live action superhero shows as possible, regardless of whether or not the world needs them or they make any sense!

I mean, come on! Superman’s grandfather?! What the hell does he have to do with anything? How is this a show?! Alongside the obvious parallel, Gotham, it seems like Warner Bros. wants to have its cake and eat it too in the worst possible way. They won’t make a Batman or Superman TV show, but they’ll wildly throw out shows loosely based on those characters. And Gotham is one thing. At least that has a young Bruce Wayne, and an actually identifiable star in the legitimately interesting Commissioner Gordon.

But Superman’s grandfather?! Ridiculous!

According to initial reports, the show will be about this patriarch trying to bring hope and equality to a ruthless planet. How is that a Superman show? How?! Is there no one stopping and questioning whether or not any of this is insane? Or maybe DC is preying upon gullible networks who are desperate to leech off the good will of DC’s other shows and all those popular Marvel movies. Syfy clearly saw the recording breaking numbers of The Flash premiere and wanted to get in on that action, but they’ve clearly settled on the most asinine option possible.

So let’s see, what’s next? Atlantis? Themyscira? Mars? Thanagar?

I vote Thanagar!


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