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Let’s Have Some Mark Hamill Fun

Are you watching Justice League Action? I’m not. But they had some fun the other day with voice actor Mark Hamill.

I hope Hamill enjoys his geek legend status. That guy is pretty much beloved by everyone! And his Star Wars movie resurgence has made him cooler and more popular than ever! Three cheers for Mark Hamill!


New Justice League Cartoon Looks Pretty Neat

There’s going to be a new Justice League cartoon, and I’m always on board for new and exciting cartoons. I’m not a kid anymore, sure, but so what? I like cartoons. You wanna fight about it?

Anyway, it looks funny, and the animation is really cool.

No sign of Robin, though, which is what we’re all concerned about.


We’re Getting a New Justice League Cartoon!

The first poster for the new cartoon — Justice League Action — has arrived and been confirmed by Cartoon Network! The new show will be all about action, and will air in 11-minute segments — kind of like Teen Titans Go! .

Justice League Action 01

We do know that Kevin Conroy will be back as Batman, and Mark Hamill will be back as the Joker, so those are pretty cool. And Deidrich Bader, who I will always know best as Oswald from The Drew Carey Show, will be Booster Gold. So we know there will be a rotating cast of heroes, as you can see in the background of the poster there.

No premiere date has been announced or anything else, really. I suppose that’ll be coming. Who’s excited? Who’s dreading a JL version of Teen Titans Go!?


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