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I Don’t Remember What’s Happening in John Wick 4

I like the John Wick movies. Who doesn’t? But I really think they’ve lost the forest for the trees. What’s the story anymore? Does anybody remember off the top of their heads? The first movie worked so perfectly, where a retired hitman came back to go on a murderous rampage after idiots killed his dog. It was great! But where are we now? Who was Halle Berry’s character?

Anyway, they’re right back at it with John Wick 4!

I mean, I’ll definitely go see this movie. They’ve all been pretty good. But the lore is really weighing down John Wick’s character, in my opinion. His family sits at the table? Are we about to meet John Wick’s parents and learn that they’re the ones in charge of the whole management level of assassins? It’s like finding out Jack Sparrow’s dad was in charge of all pirate lore.

Ah well, make of it all what you will. John Wick 4 comes out on March 24.


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