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J.J. Abrams and His Son Are Gonna Write Yet Another Spider-Man Comic

Marvel currently has a bajillion Spider-Man titles coming out. There’s Amazing Spider-Man, Symbiote Spider-Man, Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man, Miles Morales – Spider-Man, Spider-Woman, Superior Spider-Man, Spider-Gwen: Ghost Spider, and I made one of those up. Which one did I make up? Spider-Woman, because that’s not currently a comic, but it totally could be if Marvel wanted!

Anyway, on top of all that, Marvel is going to come out with a new adjectiveless Spider-Man this fall, written by Hollywood director J.J. Abrams and his son. Perhaps this could have been an Ax Cop situation, where the younger partner is, like, 5-years-old and hilarious, but no. Abrams’ son is 20.

JJ Spidey 01

Sure looks like Spider-Man

Honestly, I don’t particularly care. Here’s a New York Times announcement interview if you wanna read more. I don’t think anything has been revealed yet about the story, other than Abrams has an idea for a new villain, who will surely be forgotten about before too long. Remember all those fancy new villains we got with Brand More Day? Of course you don’t.

I’ll probably check it out for my weekly comic reviews…if I feel like it. But J.J. Abrams using his clout to get his son to write a Spider-Man comic isn’t particularly enticing to me. I’ve probably liked plenty of Abrams’ movies, but I don’t think that’s going to automatically transfer over into great Spider-Man comics.

Of course, I’m not currently reading any of those titles I listed above. I need to read more Spidey comics…

Also, it should be noted that Marvel preceded this announcement with a cryptic social media countdown over the past week, starting at the number 4. Why do you start a countdown at 4? I didn’t bother posting any of the cryptic hints on my blog because I don’t really want to play the PR/marketing game. I leave that up to the professional comic book websites that are getting paid for clicks.

I’m still just me plugging away at this little blog for kicks and giggles.

Can’t wait for Spider-Man: Far From Home in two weeks!


Review: Star Wars: The Force Awakens

Fair warning, there will be SPOILERS later on in this review. Everything before the jump will be spoiler-free, and everything after the jump will have spoilers. I’ll make the distinction clear.

This is not the movie you’re looking for. Or maybe it is. Honestly, I think opinions are going to be all over the map for Star Wars: The Force Awakens. For some, it might be a glorious return to that wonderful galaxy far, far away. For me, it was a fine and enjoyable film, but it wasn’t the be-all, end-all cinematic second coming that it was hyped up to be. Instead, The Force Awakens is a fun adventure full of familiar characters that easily entertains.

But if this really is the start of several decades worth of new Star Wars films, one after another, I’m no longer as excited as I was yesterday.

Movie Rating: 6/10 – Pretty Good.

There is definitely a lot to enjoy about Star Wars: The Force Awakens. It’s definitely worth going to see, especially if you’re a Star Wars fan. The new cast all acquit themselves well, meshing splendidly together and with the old, returning cast. Harrison Ford’s aged Han Solo steals the show, with ample support from the legendary Chewbacca. The two of them on screen again is worth the price of admission alone. Lightsabers blaze with iconic glory, the Millennium Falcon is as great as we’ve always know it to be, and this galaxy looks like the lived in, wildly varied galaxy of yore.

But the movie is far from perfect. There are numerous plot contrivances that seem to exist solely to bait the fans’ love for the franchise. Several seemingly important characters barely get any screen time, making you wonder why they seemed like such a big deal in all the advertising. And worst of all, what really took me out of the movie, was the inexhaustible desire to callback to and remember the original trilogy.

Star Wars: The Force Awakens does not take the franchise anywhere new. It revels in the old ways, while presenting just enough new material to guarantee the endless supply of new movies we’re going to get over the next several years (decades?).

But at the very least, Han Solo and Chewbacca are pretty awesome.

Join me after the jump for my full review. Be warned, I really get to rambling a bit. And this is the SPOILER cut off. Read the rest at your own risk.

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I Am Totally Cool with J.J. Abrams Directing the New Star Wars

It was announced earlier this week that J.J. Abrams would be directing Star Wars Episode VII some day in the near future. If you’re not familiar with the name, Abrams is also the guy behind the recent Star Trek reboot. So one guy is going to be in charge of both the Star Wars and Star Trek franchises.

Who thought that would be a good idea? And how did Abrams get to be so lucky?

That being said, I am totally cool with Abrams directing the next Star Wars. I loved his first Star Trek, I’m bound to like the second one, and I’ve enjoyed the rest of his work, like Cloverfield. So for the geek record, which I know exists, I am totally in favor of seeing what Abrams can do with Star Wars.

Especially if it’s anything like this fan trailer posted online by GcPrOductions.

Now that was impressive.

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