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6 Things I Want in that New Wolverine Video Game

This is a welcome surprise. We all knew Insomniac was making a full sequel to their previous Spider-Man video game. Heck, I already made a list about what I want to see in that sequel three years ago! But I don’t think any of us had even an inkling that Insomniac was also working on a Wolverine video game! Now that is really damn exciting.

At least we can be sure that claws are in the game

Because I love doing this sort of thing, I’m going to do a new list of things I want to see in the Wolverine video game! I am a longtime fan of Wolverine video games. There have been some real gems over the years. From X2: Wolverine’s Revenge to X-Men Origins: Wolverine; guess they were all movie-connected to some degree. But that’s the old world! Now Wolverine can get his own standalone game, where he just Wolverines the heck out of the place!

Join me after the jump for what I’d like to see in this upcoming, potentially awesome Wolverine video game! And share your own hopes and dreams in the comments.

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