6 Things I Want in that New Wolverine Video Game

This is a welcome surprise. We all knew Insomniac was making a full sequel to their previous Spider-Man video game. Heck, I already made a list about what I want to see in that sequel three years ago! But I don’t think any of us had even an inkling that Insomniac was also working on a Wolverine video game! Now that is really damn exciting.

At least we can be sure that claws are in the game

Because I love doing this sort of thing, I’m going to do a new list of things I want to see in the Wolverine video game! I am a longtime fan of Wolverine video games. There have been some real gems over the years. From X2: Wolverine’s Revenge to X-Men Origins: Wolverine; guess they were all movie-connected to some degree. But that’s the old world! Now Wolverine can get his own standalone game, where he just Wolverines the heck out of the place!

Join me after the jump for what I’d like to see in this upcoming, potentially awesome Wolverine video game! And share your own hopes and dreams in the comments.

6. Active healing

This was a neat trick back in the day

Healing and health bars are a fixture of video games. And Wolverine is the one character where it makes sense that they can just heal away their injuries after resting for a little bit. So it would be perfectly fine by me to have regular video game healing in this new game. What I want to specifically see is a remake of how healing worked in X-Men Origins: Wolverine. In that game, they literally animated Wolverine’s body getting injured and then healing in real time. You would take damage and see it on your character in the game. And then you could watch and see his body animate back to normal, the wounds disappearing. It was really neat! And nobody should be ashamed of just stealing that for this new game.

5. Alternate costumes

This one in particular would be nice

Wolverine has a ton of alternate looks and costumes. So does Spider-Man, and the Spider-Man video game featured a metric bunch of those alternate costumes. They were a super fun part of the game, earning the costumes and looking at them in hi def in photo mode. So obviously we need a bunch of alternate Wolverine costumes. His original “whiskers” costume. His classic ’90s blue and gold. The movie leathers. Patch. Some original costumes. It was a wonderful part of the Spider-Man game and it should obviously be part of this Wolverine game.

4. So many cameos

Wolverine and his Amazing Friends

Everybody loves a good cameo and I’m not made of stone. There are so many X-Men and X-Adjacent characters who could show up in this Wolverine game. So just make it happen. Cyclops, Jean, Rogue, Storm, Nightcrawler, Maverick; it doesn’t matter to me! Just have fun cameos! Heck, make the X-Mansion a place you can visit. That would be pretty damn cool. A fully explorable X-Mansion? Yes, please! Filled with X-Men! And perhaps even X-Factor members? Maybe Wolverine can visit with Multiple Man at X-Factor Investigations? A guy can dream…

3. Sabretooth

We are for sure getting Wolverine vs. Sabretooth in Midnight Suns

What can I say? I’m a traditionalist. I wanna be able to fight Sabretooth. I want a really cool fight with Wolverine’s mortal enemy. The two of them are classic, and I see nothing wrong with making that happen again in yet another video game.

2. Team X

Their costumes are neat

I have a soft spot for Team X. I read a prose novel about them back when I was a kid, and they’ve always stuck in my brain as just this cool part of Wolverine’s backstory. He was a CIA-backed black ops guy on a team with Sabretooth, Maverick, Silver Fox and the rest of those characters. From there, they all went their separate ways and became who they became. But that little team of black ups mutants is my favorite part of Wolverine’s back story and I’d love to see it explored in the new game.

1. Lightsaber claws

Why is this not already a million things?!

Look, Disney has owned both Marvel and Star Wars for years now and we have yet to see any comic, cartoon, action figure or even poster of Jedi Wolverine with lightsaber claws! I feel like I’m taking crazy pills. How is this not yet a thing? It would be the coolest Wolverine upgrade ever!! So we better see it in this new video game. Gimme the full lightsaber sound effects when he’s unsheathing his claws and swinging them about. Give me full Jedi robes. Play some Star Wars music. This game is the time to introduce Wolverine with lightsaber claws!


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