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Hench-Sized Comic Book Reviews – 10/3/15

Oof! It’s another light week of comics for some reason. It’s a Fifth Wednesday, which means a lot of companies don’t really put out much to begin with. But Marvel is still mired in Secret Wars to make things even worse!

I picked up two Annuals from DC Comics, but they’re both mildly entertaining efforts that don’t really have anything to do with the ongoing stories. Fortunately, the light week gave me a chance to jump back into Kaijumax, which wins Comic Book of the Week for its fascinatingly twisted look into monster prison!

Contraband is something special

I’ll try not to hold it against Oni Press that they didn’t want either of my comic submissions.

Comic Reviews: Batman Annual #4,  The Cavalry #1, Grayson Annual #2, and Kaijumax #6.

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Hench-Sized Comic Book Reviews – 9/26/15

Short and sweet week for comics for me! Marvel is still mired in Secret Wars delays, so I didn’t grab anything from them this week. And none of my regular indie titles came out. Granted, this would make for a great week to pick up a new indie title…but I have more Witcher 3 to play! I can’t remember the last time I was this absorbed in a new video game. It feels great — while being simultaneously bad for business!

Fortunately, DC Comics put out three of my favorite comics: Batgirl, Grayson and We Are Robin. All three were fun to read, but Grayson edges out as the Comic Book of the Week for a milestone-ish issue.


I love me some Bat-Family times.

In other comic news, I read the latest volume of Empowered this week, and it’s as much fun as the rest of the series. Anybody else read Empowered? I keep wanting to find some way to spotlight that indie series. It’s a real gem.

Comic Reviews: Batgirl #44, Grayson #12 and We Are Robin #4.

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Hench-Sized Comic Book Reviews – 8/29/15

I don’t know why this happens, but it always seems like my favorite comics all come out in the same week. It’s a nightmare for the wallet but a celebration for reading! This week, we’ve got new issues of Ant-Man, Spider-Woman, Lumberjanes, Grayson, We Are Robin, Harley Quinn and more! It’s great!

Comic Book of the Week goes to Batgirl #43 for another nearly perfect issue. Batgirl is everything I could possibly want from a superhero comic these days, and the creative team pulls it off so effortlessly.

Batgirl vs. a tiger!!

I hope DC keeps this team and this direction around for a long time to come.

Comic Reviews: Last Days of Ant-Man #1, Batgirl #43, Cyborg #2, Grayson #11, Harley Quinn #19, Justice League of America #3, Lumberjanes #17, Ninjak #6, Spider-Woman #10 and We Are Robin #3. 

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Hench-Sized Comic Book Reviews – 7/25/15

Only one week until Boston Comic-Con! That’s my first comic-con of the season, where I’ll be shaking hands and kissing babies in the name of Gamer Girl & Vixen! Anybody else going? I could buy you a hot dog!

As for comics this week, we’ve got some good ones! Cyborg #1 makes its big debut at DC comics, though it’s about four years late. Still, it looks like a good start, though I would have liked more. I also checked out the first issue of Kate Leth’s Power Up and was equally wishing she’d gone just a bit further in her debut issue. Alas.

As for really good comics, we’ve got new issues of Spider-Woman and We Are Robin, both of which are sizzling. And the new issue of Uncanny X-Men is a Goldballs spotlight issue! I’m beside myself with glee.

Comic Book of the Week, however, goes to Grayson #10 for its downright gorgeous artwork and fun style!

Why do we all not live there?

Artist Mikel Janin is going place! Heck, I’m not even sure why DC is keeping him on Grayson when he could be drawing Wonder Woman, Superman or anything else!

Comic Reviews: Cyborg #1, Grayson #10, Power Up #1, Prez #2, Spider-Woman #9,  Uncanny X-Men #35 and We Are Robin #2. 

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Robin War is Coming!

Holy comics, you guys! Robin War is going to be a thing! When Damian Wayne finds out that there’s a whole gang of kids playing Robin in Gotham City, there’s going to be a freakin’ war! It’s like DC Comics is trying extra hard to get me to love them again. has the scoop! Apparently there was something called a ‘Robin Panel’ at the San Diego Comic-Con. How am I missing stuff like this?!

The crossover will take place between Robin: Son of Batman, We Are Robin, Grayson and Gotham Academy, almost all of which I love reading. So does that mean Robin: Son of Batman is taking place in the present? I thought it was taking place during the events of Batman Eternal. I dunno, doesn’t matter, this crossover sounds amazing!

Said Grayson writer Tom King:

“To me, the concept of Robin — so many characters in comics are about stasis and Robin is about evolution,” King added. “That’s what makes him this distinct character that everyone can relate to. That’s what that ideal represents, is who you were, who you can be and who you are today.”

Plenty of more quotes and info at the link.

I think this might be the most legitimately excited I’ve been about a new comic book storyline in a long time. I think my entire comics writing career will now be focused around getting to be part of a Robin Panel in the future.

And stay tuned for even more news about Robin, based on some other articles and pictures I’m seeing on the Internet. I’m going to stay with Robin stories all night if I have to!


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