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Nifty Superhero Redesigns

I’ve praised the awesomeness of Project Rooftop before, but I feel like doing it again today. Project Rooftop is this nifty artist site where people submit high-quality redesigns of popular superheros and their costumes. I love this type of art, because it looks cool, is often very creative and it’s about superheroes. What’s not to love?

Hopefully you’ll be an entertained as I am.

First up is this cool Catwoman design by artist Erica Henderson. It’s got a cool Scott Pilgrim vibe to it.

All she needs are some roller skates

Next we have some personal favorites of mine, the Wonder Twins! I love the hell out of these characters, and not just ironically. The Wonder Twins are just neat, and part of that is their goofy origins with the Super Friends. But did you know that the Wonder Twins eventually appeared in the actual comics? In the mid-90s, they made the jump from the cartoon to the actual, in-canon comics during a series call Extreme Justice. Yep, it was the 90s alright.

This picture, making the pair look rather alien and badass, is drawn by artist Andrew Trabbold.

I am dying to see the Wonder Twins show up in the New 52 or perhaps the Young Justice cartoon

Finally we have what may be one of the snazziest superhero costume redesigns I have ever seen: Steampunk Scientist Ant-Man! This comes from artist George Kambadais, who drew a whole line up of Avengers. But this Ant-Man is above and beyond the call of phenomenal. I love the labcoat-esque shirt that buttons up to the neck. I love that it’s not tucked in. And I love the knee-high boots with the pants tucked in. This costume is just a brilliant design.

Can Marvel hire this guy to design the next Ant-Man for reals? Maybe? Please?

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