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Darkseid’s Daughter is Everything Wrong with Comics Today

Since the very beginning of the New 52 at DC Comics, writer Geoff Johns has been teasing the Darkseid War, an epic battle between the villainous Darkseid and the equally villainous Anti-Monitor. They are two of DC’s biggest bad guys, the sorts of villains who could threaten the entire universe, and Johns is going to send them to war against each other — with the Earth and the Justice League likely caught in the middle. As a comic book fan, that sounds incredibly awesome.

But I cannot abide by the utter garbage that is a key player in this war: Darkseid’s daughter. Introduced this past week in Justice League #40 and DC’s Free Comic Book Day prologue, Darkseid’s daughter is everything that’s wrong with comic books today.

Yes, steal all the Justice League weapons, that’s kewl

Prepare yourself, this is definitely going to be an angry geek ranting about comics on the Internet.

Look at her, just look at her! The very sight of this character makes my skin crawl due to annoyance. Has DC learned nothing from their own success? Does the massive fan support of the new Batgirl comic mean nothing to them? I see this new character and I roll my eyes at how much of a colossal step backwards she is for comic books. It’s not 2011 anymore, DC! And it’s definitely not the 1990s!

If their upcoming summer rebranding is a sign that DC actually has learned a few lessons and is going to change for the better, Darkseid’s daughter is their one last hurrah for idiocy.

And if you need further proof that this character is ridiculous, her name is Grail. Yeah, exactly. She is a work of zero creativity.

Join me after the jump so I can actually explain why I’m ranting at you today.

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Hench-Sized Comic Book Reviews – 6/28/14

Don’t look now, but I’m apparently in a crummy mood this week. I feel fine, personally. But going through these reviews, it began to dawn on me that I just didn’t feel all that excited about any of the books that were released. Last week was killer, but this week was kind of a bummer, even though we’ve got new issues of Batman, Amazing Spider-Man, Ms. Marvel, Justice League, and the debut of Geoff Johns and John Romita Jr.’s Superman. I thought I’d be happy!

Kind of by default, Ms. Marvel wins Comic Book of the Week. It’s one of my favorite titles these days, and it’s going to take a heck of a lot to knock it off its pedestal. Maybe I’ll get a week where Ms. Marvel, Saga, Hawkeye, Silver Surfer and a brand new Multiple Man #1 all come out at the same time. Then I’ll be in Heaven.

Though Amazing Spider-Man #3 wins moment of the week for the greatest J. Jonah Jameson panel of all time, courtesy of Humberto Ramos.

That needs to be on T-shirts!

Comic Reviews: Amazing Spider-Man #3, Batman #32, Batman Eternal #12, Justice League #31, Ms. Marvel #5 and Superman #32.

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Your New Justice Leagues!

Big changes are in store for the various Justice Leagues (there are more than one) coming out of the Forever Evil storyline, and I felt it might be fun to share.

First up, the bad news: Justice League Of Canada has been changed to Justice League United. If that’s not depressing, I don’t know what is. DC was gonna do something fun and weird, and instead they’re making it boring and generic. Though writer Jeff Lemire promises that the first story arc will indeed take place in Canada, in this announcement interview with USA Today.

They would have made Canada proud

Considering how much I’m loving Lemire’s Green Arrow, I might have to start picking this up. I was never happy with Geoff Johns’ Justice League of America, but then I don’t think that was ever actually its own comic. It was only ever the road to Forever Evil.

As you can see from that photo, the team is going to be Martian Manhunter, Green Arrow, Supergirl, Stargirl, Animal Man and the new Adam Strange. I don’t particularly care about anyone in that line up, though I am absolutely fascinated with the New 52 Martian Manhunter, and, like I said, Lemire’s Green Arrow is pretty great. Lemire is also going to introduce some new Canadian characters, so more power to him. The stories in JLU are going to focus a lot on outer space, according to the interview. And just a word to my readers, saying ‘outer space’ is just so much more fun that simply saying ‘space’. Unless you’re using ‘space’ as an adjective.

Speaking of team line-ups, the good news is that Lex Luthor is going to join the roster of Justice League, Geoff Johns’ flagship book. That’s actually pretty darn cool, in my opinion.

Too much green and purple

I can’t say that Johns has been writing the best Luthor in the pages of Forever Evil, but just the idea of Luthor on the Justice League is a fun one. He’s a new, Alpha personality, and no doubt he’ll have his own particular brand of heroism. Although why any of the other heroes would let Luthor join the Justice League is anyone’s guess. It’s not like he can force them to accept him, right? Anyway, I’m kind of excited to see what Johns does with this shake-up. And he’s adding Captain Cold too, so that’s kind of neat. You can read a deeper interview with Johns at Newsarama.

I actually kind of like what I’m seeing out of DC Comics…so surely it’s all going to be terrible in the end.

My 6 Favorite Things from Geoff Johns’ Green Lantern Mythos

Geoff Johns’ final issue of Green Lantern came out last week, and what better way to say goodbye than by praising his awesomeness? I barely knew anything about Green Lantern before I decided to give Johns’ comics a try, and now the franchise is easily one of my all-time favorites. I wish I was as creative as Johns. His ideas are the kind that nobody else thought of, but once he puts them on the page, you can’t help but recognize their obvious brilliance. And I’m sure he has other good qualities too. Like, maybe he rescues orphaned puppies or something. I don’t know, I’m really only interested in the comics.

Does anybody call it ‘outer space’ anymore?

It’s hard to explain to non-comics fans just how momentous Johns’ Green Lantern series truly was. The best comparison I can think of would be to the rise in Iron Man’s popularity when his first movie came out. Before that film, nobody knew Iron Man. He was a character from the comics, nothing more nothing less. But after the movie, after Robert Downey Jr.’s performance, Iron Man is a household name, and he has headlined three other multi-million dollar movies.

Geoff Johns did the same thing for Green Lantern, at least as far as the comics are concerned. He did it by taking the core Green Lantern concept and expanding it a thousandfold with new ideas and new characters that redefined the franchise. There is so much to love about Johns’ ideas, and here are my 6 favorite.

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