2 New Robin Comics Coming This Summer; DC’s ‘New 52’ Out the Door…Kind of!

Breaking comic book news today is that DC Comics is going to do a little rebranding of the New 52 this June. They aren’t producing 52 comics a month anymore, so the name doesn’t make any sense. The New 52 continuity and characters will remain the same, but they’re bringing in 24 new comics and basically just doing away with the ‘New 52’ name tag. All of this will launch after the April-May Convergence mini-series. IGN has part of the scoop. And CBR has some more! And Newsarama has even more!

Chief among the new comics will be something called We Are Robin. I have no idea what this is, but I am hugely excited!

I’m going to be scouring the Internet for any news about this series. Will it star the various Robins already hanging out in Gotham City? Or, like the cover implies, will it be about a bunch of street kids who wear Robin-branded clothing? Who knows! I am beyond excited to find out.

Also announced is a new solo series for Damian Wayne, which will replace the Batman and Robin ongoing. Robin: Son of Batman will be written and drawn by Patrick Gleason, a true superstar!

No word yet why Robin will be teaming up with a giant red monster.

There will also be new comics for Bat-Mite, Bizarro, Black Canary, Cyborg, Dr. Fate, Martian Manunter and many more. My favorite comic book artist, Bryan Hitch, will also be taking over both writing and art duties on Justice League! Check out the various titles at the links above.

Another announcement I’m excited about will see Starfire split away from the long-running Red Hood and the Outlaws comic into her own series, written by the Harley Quinn team of Jimmy Palmiotti and Amanda Conner, with art by Emanuela Lupacchino. That sounds pretty amazing, considering I love me some Harley Quinn comic. The Outlaws book will be shrunk down to just Red Hood/Arsenal. Could this be an attempt to finally cater to fans of the Teen Titans cartoon? Starfire’s new costume seems to suggest as much (though she’s still wearing incredibly short shorts)!

That is a damn good idea, since everybody was pretty soured to Starfire in the New 52, whereas she could be getting a ton of fans.

I’m going to try to update this post throughout the day with new information as it comes in! For me, I’m just excited to see Robin getting some attention! I can’t wait to find out more about We Are Robin!

What do you henchies think? Any of these new comics look good to you? Or do you think DC should do away with the New 52 entirely? Looks to me like they’re going to take a play out of the Marvel NOW! playbook and just introduce waves of new titles to see what takes off. The focus of this new rebranding is to reach out to a wider audience. When the New 52 launched, it was rigidly tied to DC’s grim and gritty house style, but then both Marvel and DC had much more success with a wide variety of comics (like Ms. Marvel and Batgirl). Now it looks like DC learned their lesson. The house style is out and variety reigns!

I like the sound of that!

Sound off in the comments!


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  1. Oh shit, two Robin focused titles??? I am so sold!
    Please let We Are Robin to be what Teen Titan fails to – a comic about teens heroes, not heroes who happen to be teens.

    I wonder if Damian’s Robin title will be all wacky adventures with his new super-powers, or a chance for him to interact with characters outside the batfam? This could be fun, presuming DC will make up their mind about Damian’s personality already.

    I am thrilled to see Starfire in her own comic and out of the metal bikini! She has lotsa potential and doesn’t need to be involved in Red Hood/Arsenal street drama. Maybe once she’s outta that dark and gritty comic she can catch a break from that trauma conga line of hers.

    The question is, will the Outlaws go back to being a down-to-earth, street level-crime comic, or will they just pull more crazy mystic shit with Jason to cover up for the lack of alien action? Considering how melodramatic Jason can be, I think they could get enough tension out of ‘normal’ adventures.

    • I would have pegged Red Hood and the Outlaws as a down to Earth, ‘normal’ comic from the very beginning. But then all that stuff about outer space and that crazy martial arts cult turned me off the book quick. No thank you. I hope Starfire can still be saved.

      And I hadn’t considered Damian’s super powers. Personally, I don’t think they’re permanent. I think he’ll lose them before this new series takes off. Seeing Robin out and about in the DCU could be cool…if only I liked Damian more in the role.

      And yes, two Robin titles is golden!

      • *sighs* the poor Titans. I AM excited about some of these new titles, which is something I haven’t been able to say about DC in a long time.

        There’s an easy way to fix the Titans, though- throw Pfeiffer out and either get Kieron Gillen to write them… or get Henchie to write them.

        That’s your mission, should you choose to accept it. This post will self-destroy in twenty-four minutes…

      • I have a lot of ideas on how to fix the Teen Titans! Hopefully I’ll become a successful comic book writer in time to save the book!

  2. I hope you are right, Henchie, I most certainly hope so. The Grim and Gritty house style has become tiresome and limiting.

    If only they could give the Titans the same treatment they are giving Starfire. Maybe they will? Wishful thinking, perhaps.

  3. Oh look, Damian has a father-surrogate on a leash! That’s MUCH easier than writing him dealing with the Batman!

  4. That Starfire title is very promising! I’ll be reading it, as long as she stays away from Red Hood/Arsenal (I just don’t like Scot Lobdell! At all!).
    We are Robin sounds interesting too! As for Son of Batman: no thanks! I’m sorry, but I just can’t stand Damian!
    And if they could revamp the Teen Titans, that would be great!

  5. New Midnighter comic should be good. The writer is supposed to b great at handling gay characters and I really liked Midnighter in Grayson. And it’s nice that Cyborg will be getting a book with Ivan Reis no less (let’s see how long he stays). Star fire looks good, but I’m kind of afraid that Amanda Connor can get a little too wacky when it comes to space stuff. I’ll definitely pick up We Are Robin.

    • The fact that Cyborg’s writer is a black man is kind of a miracle. I imagine they’re doing it purely because it fits the new, more inclusive image they’re trying to pull off here (because sooner or later, DC always comes around and copies whatever Marvel is doing). But still, it’s a good thing.

    • It’s too bad I don’t particularly like Midnighter…

  6. Geoff Johns getting replaced on Superman and Bryan Hitch doing a Justice League comic are probably my favorite pieces of news, but there’s an awful lot I’m looking forward to all of a sudden. I’m definitely glad they’re giving Pat Gleason something to do now that Batman and Robin is ending. Dare I hope this means the Dark Ages DC has been in for the past several years (hell, arguably the whole past decade) is finally coming to an end?

    • One can only hope that the dark times are behind us!

      I had high hopes that Johns could save Superman, but I dropped that comic after only a few issues. No thank you. And a Bryan Hitch Justice League could be amazing. I’m excited about that, for sure.

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