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Kill 20 Minutes On This Insanely Detailed Live Action Futurama Video!

Behold the unending power of fandom! Some chaps at Cinema Relics have gone to all the trouble of creating a live action Futurama with makeup, practical effects and puppetry. Fan-O-Rama awesome and unsettling in equal measure!

This is a Herculean effort of fandom and should be celebrated at all levels. Who would go to such lengths? Who could build such insanely cool and imaginative costumes? Who could so badly dub Leela’s voice?

Either way, this now exists for all of us to enjoy for the rest of time! Hooray!


3D Futurama is Glorious

Behold what the glory of the Internet has wrought!

Seriously, that’s brilliant. It’s a thing of pure beauty. The time and energy it must have taken to draw that 30 second clip is astounding! My hat goes off to Alexey Zarkharov, a Russian designer who has some more images on his website. Check them out too!

My 6 Favorite Spaceships

We may never have flying cars or commercial jetpacks in my lifetime, but I think it’s entirely possible that I’ll be able to travel by spaceship someday. I’m still a young man. Surely someone somewhere is working on easy, affordable and convenient space flight. But until that day comes, we’re just going to have to make due with all the awesome spaceships on TV or in movies. Who hasn’t imagined themselves at the helm of the U.S.S. Enterprise or the Millennium Falcon? Maybe even ┬ásome of you would like to pilot the Death Star. I don’t judge.

I can definitely see the appeal

But for me personally, there are a few pop culture spaceships that will always be near and dear to my heart. Whether they looked really inviting on TV or are just plain cool, here are my six favorite fictional spaceships of all time.

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