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Space Jam Looks Bad; Free Guy Looks OK

Couple of movie trailers came out in the past day, so I’m here to share! Neither one is particularly exciting. But they’re big movies this summer and I’ll definitely be watching them in theaters. It’s what I do!

First up is Space Jam: A New Legacy. I have slightly high hopes for this film, because I love the original Space Jam. It was a big movie for me as a kid.

But that trailer looks terrible. First off, it looks like a mess. It looks like a vomit of shiny CGI in every direction. And the dialogue is as cringe as it gets. This is just a trailer and I winced through most of it. It’s crazy!

Space Jam: A New Legacy comes out on July 16.

Then there’s Free Guy, a movie with Ryan Reynolds that should be more fun.

This trailer was not as good as its first trailer. This one is focused more on just the wild visuals of the film, which thankfully are not as wild as those in Space Jam. But we’ll see. I have a little bit more faith in Free Guy and I hope it is justly rewarded.

Free Guy comes out on Aug. 13.


Free Guy Looks Good, We’ll Probably Never See It

Ryan Reynolds has a new video game-based movie coming out called Free Guy, in which he’s an NPC who gains sentience when he falls in love with a player character. It looks pretty neat — too bad we may never see it.

So Free Guy is scheduled to come to theaters on Dec. 11. However, in the past 24 or so hours, a bunch of major cinemas have closed their doors and a bunch of major movies — including James Bond, Batman and Dune — have all been pushed back several months, if not entire years. So I think Free Guy and Wonder Woman 1984 are the only movies still scheduled to come out this year…and I doubt that will remain.

But hey, cool trailer.


Free Guy Looks Pretty Cool

We’ve got both the new Jumanji and Star Wars films coming up, so there’s been a whole mess of new trailers for big projects coming down the pipe. I love trailers, so I’m pretty thrilled! And you all get to see them shared by me!

Like this trailer for Free Guy, the new Ryan Reynolds movie in which he’s an NPC in a video game who realizes what’s going on.

Looks pretty good! I trust Ryan Reynolds movies these days, even if I can never trust screenwriters to truly understand how video games work. This game looks like a Grand Theft Auto Online type of game, so hopefully they can’t mess that up.

Free Guy comes out on July 3.


Just a Bunch of Trailers!

Joker was not good. That’s not fair. It’s probably a really well made, well acted film and a lot of people will think it’s good. But it’s not for me, it’s not my kind of movie. It’s dark, ugly and severely misanthropic. No thanks.

So how about we look forward to other movies and TV shows?! New York Comic-Con is in full effect and a whole bunch of new trailers are coming out!

Like HBO’s His Dark Materials show. I never read the books and barely remember The Golden Compass movie from a few years ago, so this trailer looks really bonkers to me! Hopefully good bonkers.

Then we’ve got this new war movie, 1917, coming out before the end of the year. This one looks to be pretty darn fantastic.

There’s no trailer yet for Ryan Reynolds’ new movie, Free Guy, about a random bank employee who realizes he’s an NPC in a video game. But there’s this funny ‘meet the cast’ video. Reynolds and Taika Waititi are hilarious together!

It’s nice that they finally get to work together.


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