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Encanto Looks Pretty Magical

The next Disney animated movie is Encanto, a story about a magical house and the magical family that lives inside — if by “magical” we mean they each have a super-power. But hey, lots of people get their super powers through magic, so who am I to judge? Check out the first full trailer.

Looks pretty great to me! Wonderful animation, some good humor, lots of impressive visuals. This should be another Disney animated treat!

Encanto comes to theaters on Nov. 24.


Here Comes the Next Disney Animated Movie

Tonight I’m going to see a new Disney marvel superhero movie! Got my ticket for Black Widow already! But also today, we’ve got the first teaser trailer for Encanto, the next Disney animated movie. Looks pretty fun.

I’m very much enjoying most Disney animated movies these days. A lot more than Pixar movies. So here’s hoping! And this one also appears to be about superheroes? That’s always fun.

Encanto comes out in November.


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