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Batman: Arkham Origins DLC Out Today!

It doesn’t feature Robin – as far as I know –┬ábut Mr. Freeze is a good consolation prize, right? Plus, Batman gets a beefy new super suit!

That’s a pretty awesome trailer. I haven’t played Batman: Arkham Origins since it came out, but I definitely enjoyed it, so maybe I’ll plot down the $10 and get this DLC. I’ve been looking for some new games recently.

Mr. Freeze Coming in Arkham Origins DLC

The first full-on story DLC for Batman: Arkham Origins was announced via Twitter today, and it looks to be all about Mr. Freeze. Possibly even the origin of Mr. Freeze. That sounds neat.

I doubt Freeze is getting the Humanitarian award

No word on the release date, other than 2014. Also no word on what’s going to happen. But any further story gameplay for Arkham Origins will be a ton of fun.

Maybe they’ll even find a way to incorporate Robin…but probably not.


First Arkham Origins DLC Does Not Feature Robin

We’ve known about this Initiation DLC for awhile now, but here’s a trailer to let us know what it looks like and what it may contain. The DLC is about Bruce Wayne’s time training with ninjas in Asia before returning to Gotham to become Batman. I don’t remember if it’s going to have story elements, but it’s definitely got some challenge rooms.

What do you gamers think? Gonna pick this up? I beat Arkham Origins and lost interest in playing, but maybe this’ll be enough to bring me back. There’s no Robin, though, so that’s disappointing. I was hoping for something similar to Harley Quinn’s Revenge from Arkham City. Maybe there’s still time…

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