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The Star of PeeWee’s Big Holiday Has Been Cast as Deathstroke the Terminator!

The breakout character in PeeWee’s Big Holiday was, without a doubt, Joe Manganiello, played by actor Joe Manganiello. He was just fantastic! And I have some good news for everybody: he’s now also been cast as Deathstroke the Terminator in the DC Cinematic Universe. Most likely, he’s going to face off against Batman in the upcoming solo Batman movie.

It’s a little outside his comedy range, but I think this guy can pull it off.

Gonna need more orange

Gonna need more orange

Will he be as good as when he played Joe Manganiello? I guess we’ll see. He’s also got to live up to the great Deathstroke in Arrow. At the very least, here’s a Batman villain who can actually fight Batman. That should be fun.


Deathstroke as the Batman Villain? Sure!

The big news that dropped yesterday was Ben Affleck teasing some test footage of Deathstroke the Terminator, with some people confirming that he will be the villain in the upcoming solo Batman movie. He may even make an appearance in the Justice League flick.

I am totally cool with this. Here’s a villain that Batman can actually fight hand-to-hand, and based on what we saw in Batman v. Superman, that’s hopefully going to be a priority. No more of this movie Batman who is too stiff in his suit to actually get into fisticuffs. Ben Affleck’s Batman is gonna kick butt from dusk until dawn, and Deathstroke is perfect for that role. Bring it on!


6 Thoughts on the Second Season of Arrow

There are almost too many geeky shows on TV these days! It’s like a dream come true. And they’re all mostly good, and few are better than Arrow, which is probably my favorite drama on TV these days. Anybody who complains that it’s just Batman Lite, or too focused on CW-style drama, can just go be haters off in their own little corner. I’ll enjoy my live action Green Arrow TV show. Arrow is an exciting, action-packed superhero drama, which ratcheted up the acting, storytelling and, above all, tension, to make their second season into some truly great TV!

With a liberal use of beefcake

I was lukewarm about season one. I enjoyed it, sure, but it wasn’t the greatest show by any means. But then the team behind Arrow blew me away with the first season finale, and I was definitely coming back for more with season two. Imagine my delight when season two turned out to be amazing! Ollie the superhero, Black Canary, the League of Assassins, the Suicide Squad, the Flash, freakin’ Deathstroke the Terminator! It was all so good!

Join me after the jump for my thoughts/review of Arrow season 2! Be warned, there will be FULL SPOILERS for the whole season.

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Review: Teen Titans #23.2

I have no idea why this issue exists. I especially don’t understand why it’s labeled under the ‘Teen Titans’ banner. And after reading Deathstroke #1, I’m quite convinced that DC really pulled this one out of their butts at the last minute. This is garbage on paper, and as such, I’m not going to give it a full review. It’s just not worth my time. At least Trigon #1 was a stark realization in how much Marv Wolfman likes Demon Rape. Deathstroke #1 is just pointless. If you’ll recall, there already was a Deathstroke #1 back at the start of the New 52. He had his own series! Slade Wilson was a badass mercenary anti-hero, but the book didn’t sell, so it was quickly cancelled. Then DC tried to make due with a Team 7 book starring Deathstroke, which was also cancelled.

Deathstroke #1

So why the hell they gave him a Villains Month issue is beyond me. The guy isn’t a villain. Nor does he have anything to do with the Teen Titans. And if this issue is indicative of what came before, I can see why both previous Deathstroke series were cancelled.

Comic Rating: 2/10 – Very Bad.

Like I said, I never read an issue of Deathstroke or Team 7. I don’t know anything about the New 52 version of Deathstroke – other than the fact that he has nothing to do with the Teen Titans. That part of his history has been completely wiped clean. So forget that he was the main villain for the Teen Titans cartoon show. New 52 Slade has nothing to do with the Teen Titans. And they don’t appear in this issue. Even though this is Teen Titans #23.2, it has nothing to do with the Teen Titans whatsoever. Frankly, this is the worst Villains Month issue I have read so far. I haven’t read all of them, but surely there isn’t anything worse than Deathstroke #1. It’s just not a good comic, let alone an origin story or a character profile. I hated Bizarro, I hated Trigon, and I thought most of the others were pretty pointless. But Deathstroke #1 is just abysmal.

Join me after the jump for a little bit of synopsis and further review. But I’m not giving this issue the full treatment. I have better things to do with my life.

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Deathstroke Joins Injustice: Gods Among Us

But still no sign of Robin.

I’m gonna bring this up everybody they introduce a new character to the lineup of Injustice: Gods Among Us. Why isn’t Robin in this game yet? Batman vs. Robin would be the ultimate fight! Do they simply not want to have to create a smaller male body model in the game? Is it laziness? Yeah, it’s probably laziness. Lazy bastards.

Still, Deathstroke could be fun. He’s got a lot of weapons. And I’m surprised at how many bullets to the face Green Arrow can take. That guy is a trooper.

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