Review: Teen Titans #23.2

I have no idea why this issue exists. I especially don’t understand why it’s labeled under the ‘Teen Titans’ banner. And after reading Deathstroke #1, I’m quite convinced that DC really pulled this one out of their butts at the last minute. This is garbage on paper, and as such, I’m not going to give it a full review. It’s just not worth my time. At least Trigon #1 was a stark realization in how much Marv Wolfman likes Demon Rape. Deathstroke #1 is just pointless. If you’ll recall, there already was a Deathstroke #1 back at the start of the New 52. He had his own series! Slade Wilson was a badass mercenary anti-hero, but the book didn’t sell, so it was quickly cancelled. Then DC tried to make due with a Team 7 book starring Deathstroke, which was also cancelled.

Deathstroke #1

So why the hell they gave him a Villains Month issue is beyond me. The guy isn’t a villain. Nor does he have anything to do with the Teen Titans. And if this issue is indicative of what came before, I can see why both previous Deathstroke series were cancelled.

Comic Rating: 2/10 – Very Bad.

Like I said, I never read an issue of Deathstroke or Team 7. I don’t know anything about the New 52 version of Deathstroke – other than the fact that he has nothing to do with the Teen Titans. That part of his history has been completely wiped clean. So forget that he was the main villain for the Teen Titans cartoon show. New 52 Slade has nothing to do with the Teen Titans. And they don’t appear in this issue. Even though this is Teen Titans #23.2, it has nothing to do with the Teen Titans whatsoever. Frankly, this is the worst Villains Month issue I have read so far. I haven’t read all of them, but surely there isn’t anything worse than Deathstroke #1. It’s just not a good comic, let alone an origin story or a character profile. I hated Bizarro, I hated Trigon, and I thought most of the others were pretty pointless. But Deathstroke #1 is just abysmal.

Join me after the jump for a little bit of synopsis and further review. But I’m not giving this issue the full treatment. I have better things to do with my life.

I guess this is supposed to be some kind of origin story. Maybe. Part of the issue is about modern day Deathstroke assassinating some foreign national, spliced with flashbacks to his past that don’t make much sense chronologically or plot-wise. I really have no idea what exactly is supposed to be flowing in this issue. The time jumps are random, with little to explain what’s happening or who’s involved. The issue starts off by comparing and contrasting Deathstroke’s professional relationship with a guy named Deathblow, but he’s gone after the first few pages. Then there’s a segment where we meet his son Grant, and the two of them become mercenary buddies together, but then Grant gets killed, just like he did in the old continuity. But it’s not a big moment, really. The two of them just get ambushed by some North Korean soldiers and Grant is shot to death. Far less dramatic and the Ravager stuff from the old continuity.

We also find out how Slade lost his eye – some random North Korean soldier just shot it off. That’s it.

I’m going to stop. Sorry if you’re eagerly following along, but seriously, this issue is garbage. Don’t waste your time or life on Deathstroke #1. Nothing new is introduced about the character. Nothing ties into Teen Titans or Villains Month. Nothing good occurs in this issue or could possibly come from it. I have no idea why DC even included Deathstroke in Villains Month. It doesn’t make sense, nor does the story.

And yet Deathstroke #1 took two writers and three artists to produce. Mind-boggling.

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  1. Why do you still buy Teen Titans if you know it’s going to suck badly such as this issue?

  2. The true evil in Forever Evil has to be the DC editors that approved all these Villains Month titles.

    • I couldn’t agree with you more. There are so many crappy and pointless Villains issues coming out. It’s like DC just slapped a bunch of crap together just to fulfill their marketing gimmick. Few of these issues are actually worthwhile.

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