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See? Aquaman Can Be Totally Badass!

Once upon a time, DC Animation decreed that they would only make animated Batman and Superman adventures, despite the fact that Wonder Woman was their best movie. I’m glad to see they have eased up on this decree, because we’re about to get a badass Aquaman movie!

Kind of cruel about his name though…For the most part, I’ve been mildly entertained by DC Animation as of late. I kind of gave up on them as a whole a few years ago, but I keep watching, and keep finding myself mildly pleased. I think it’s a good idea that they’ve switched over to the New 52, and there are a lot of stories they can mine (Simon Baz!). So hopefully this Aquaman flick is as awesome as it looks.

Batman and Son is the Next DC Animated Movie

They found the absolute worst voice actor for Damian. Jeez. But I will admit that Damian grew on me in the comics after awhile, mostly because of his time serving as Dick Grayson’s sidekick. They made an amazing team. And considering this movie is marginally about Robin, I’ll definitely pick it up to watch. Though I’m rather lukewarm on DC’s animated movies these days. I wonder if they really do make a lot of money. What else would justify their existence?

What do you henchmen and henchwomen think? Are you still digging these movies?

Justice League: War Trailer Has Me Legitimately Excited for a DC Animated Movie Again

Justice League: War is the next animated movie from DC, and the first trailer has blown me away. It’s based on the opening story for the New 52 Justice League, which I thought was pretty terrible. But it looks like that story might make for a good animated movie.

I’ve been pretty lukewarm about the DC animated movies for awhile now. They’ve all been pretty shallow, by-the-numbers adaptations. I’ve really felt like the people working on them could be put to better use, because their skill in animation is second to none. But nope, they keep popping these out to medium amounts of fanfare. Well now the movies have entered the New 52, which I feel is long overdue. DC needs this kind of synergy, and I hope this movie pays off.

Better for DC to animate their New 52 comics than spend a good chunk of their efforts glorifying the old, pre-reboot stories.

New Animated DC Movie Stars the Flash

The Flashpoint Paradox has been known about for awhile, but I haven’t mentioned it. I’ve been falling behind on my DC Animation for some reason. I never got around to reviewing Dark Knight Returns Part 2, and I haven’t even seen Superman Unbound yet. I don’t know what’s wrong with me…but maybe this new film will snap me out of this funk.

I’m exited to see a movie that doesn’t star either Batman or Superman (mostly). Word has it that after the poor showings of the animated Green Lantern and Wonder Woman movies, that Warner Bros. would only allow DC to do animated movies starring either Superman or Batman. Makes sense, I guess, even though I still hold Wonder Woman up as the best animated movie the studio has put out. So it’s refreshing to see the Flash star so prominently in this new film.

I’m also hoping they use this film to start making movies about the New 52 universe. It seems silly that the DC comic book universe and the DC animated universe are not the same thing. What better way to promote the New 52 comics than by animating them? It’s a no-brainer!

Full Superman: Unbound Trailer

The next DC animated movie will be an adaptation of Superman: Brainiac from Geoff Johns a few years ago. However, the movie is actually going to be called Superman: Unbound for some reason. Does the word ‘brainiac’ not sell? Does it make people think that Superman is just a big nerd? I dunno…but enjoy the trailer!

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