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Just a Nice Cartoon About Modern Life

I start a busy project at work today, so I’m gonna be a little tied up for the next week or so. Should be fun! But that means I must beg your forgiveness if I slack off a little during the week. For example, I didn’t really have anything planned to write or share this morning.

So I thought I’d turn you all onto the Youtube cartoon People Watching. It’s made by Winston Rowntree and the artists at Subnormality, posted online through Cracked. Here’s the first episode!

I highly recommend watching all 10 episodes. They’re short little Youtube cartoons, about 10 minutes or so, but they’re a pretty smart, pretty deep look into modern life. Or maybe they’re overly preachy or treacly or something. I don’t know how you’re gonna feel about them! I just know that I enjoyed the episodes and they helped give me insight into new and interesting ideas about the modern psyche. And that’s good enough for me.

Enjoy the rest of your Monday! I’m thinking of writing an annoyed rant about this dumb new Marvel Legacy garbage. Maybe I’ll get around to that later….



Cracked Talks Henchmen!

Everybody here reads Cracked, right? I love that site. Best way to get through the day.

They raise some good points. Personally, I think I’m down with the corporate job over the beachfront resort. I’ve never been much of a beach guy. Though if I was going to hench, I’d want a gig where I got my own costume and weaponry and cool stuff like that. It’s not about the money, it’s about love of the job.


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