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A Completely Biased Review: Mimic and the X-Men #6

Rejoice brothers and sisters, for the gods of comicdom have heard our cries! At long last, the next issue of Mimic and the X-Men has come out. Mimic and the X-Men #6 dropped this week, finally giving us hale and hearty Mimic fans some overdue closure. It’s been, like, a year and a half since the last issue. What the heck did Marvel expect us to do? Read Hawkeye? Well I have read each and every issue of Hawkeye, and I haven’t seen a single Mimic appearance.

Whoa, brainstorm: Mimic and the X-Men #7 by Matt Fraction and David Aja. Fraction has written Mimic before! Heck, Fraction brought Mimic into the modern day! It would be an instant bestseller! But until then, we’ll have to settle for this issue, which might just be the greatest comic book in the history of medium.

Comic Rating: 9/10 – Great!

That’s the Mimic, baby! The coolest, most underrated, and probably handsomest X-Man to ever ‘X’ a man! He makes his glorious return to comic books this week, and it is the sweetest of nectars. We have writer extraordinaire Christos Gage to thank once again for giving our boy Mimic some much-needed love. The dude clearly is thinking at a higher level than most other comic book writers. He sees the value in Mimic, loves that cool new blue and white costume as much as the rest of us, and generally has some all around good stories in mind. This is the comic that every Mimic fan (and by that I mean, every comic book fan) dreams of reading.

But hold on, if I could be especially serious for a moment (not that I wasn’t before), this really is a great issue. And Mimic love aside, Mimic and the X-Men #6 introduces a new character who might have just become my favorite X-Man of all time.

Whoever had the genius idea for ForgetMeNot deserves some kind of medal. My heart’s breaking over here!

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