A Completely Biased Review: Mimic and the X-Men #6

Rejoice brothers and sisters, for the gods of comicdom have heard our cries! At long last, the next issue of Mimic and the X-Men has come out. Mimic and the X-Men #6 dropped this week, finally giving us hale and hearty Mimic fans some overdue closure. It’s been, like, a year and a half since the last issue. What the heck did Marvel expect us to do? Read Hawkeye? Well I have read each and every issue of Hawkeye, and I haven’t seen a single Mimic appearance.

Whoa, brainstorm: Mimic and the X-Men #7 by Matt Fraction and David Aja. Fraction has written Mimic before! Heck, Fraction brought Mimic into the modern day! It would be an instant bestseller! But until then, we’ll have to settle for this issue, which might just be the greatest comic book in the history of medium.

Comic Rating: 9/10 – Great!

That’s the Mimic, baby! The coolest, most underrated, and probably handsomest X-Man to ever ‘X’ a man! He makes his glorious return to comic books this week, and it is the sweetest of nectars. We have writer extraordinaire Christos Gage to thank once again for giving our boy Mimic some much-needed love. The dude clearly is thinking at a higher level than most other comic book writers. He sees the value in Mimic, loves that cool new blue and white costume as much as the rest of us, and generally has some all around good stories in mind. This is the comic that every Mimic fan (and by that I mean, every comic book fan) dreams of reading.

But hold on, if I could be especially serious for a moment (not that I wasn’t before), this really is a great issue. And Mimic love aside, Mimic and the X-Men #6 introduces a new character who might have just become my favorite X-Man of all time.

Whoever had the genius idea for ForgetMeNot deserves some kind of medal. My heart’s breaking over here!

To make a long story short, and to get to the really good stuff, ForgetMeNot is a mutant with the unfortunate ability to immediately fade from thought and memory as soon as you’re no longer paying attention to him. Essentially, his mutant power is ‘out of sight, out of mind’. I do not hesitate to call this idea genius.

ForgetMeNot has been with the X-Men for six years now, existing in the background, doing what he can to make a difference. Anytime it seems the X-Men have won by pure dumb luck, or with some Dues ex Machina, it’s actually been ForgetMeNot doing his part. It’s just that nobody remembers him or even notices him. The only one who ever did for any period of time was Professor X, who programmed his own mind to remember ForgetMeNot once an hour and acknowledge him – until Xavier died, of course.

These days, ForgetMeNot is hanging out around the Jean Grey School, because nobody knows to tell him the security code has been changed. He finds a young woman with a scar trying to break into the school, only she’s been caught in the psychic force field defense…which only exists for this one issue and has never been mentioned anywhere else or stopped anybody from breaking in.

Who knew those jackets came with paunches

He’s not much to look at…but that’s absolutely perfect!

In order to calm the young lady down so that she can get out of the force field, ForgetMeNot tells her a few stories about his life and the lessons he’s learned on the X-Men. Most of these stories are boring and don’t contain the Mimic at all, but then one of them does!

In a quest to rid himself of his powers following Xavier’s death, ForgetMeNot sought out Mimic and Omega, since Omega has the power to take away other powers. Turns out, after they left the X-Men in Mimic and the X-Men #5, the duo just started helping people in natural disasters and the like. Sounds like a swell thing for them to do.

Mimic being a swell guy and all that

The pair of them explain to ForgetMeNot that they like not being noticed by anybody. They’re helping normal people with real world problems, leaving the alien invasions and Doctor Dooms to the other superheroes. They like flying under the radar.

But I’ll be damned if Cyclops and the Uncanny X-Men don’t just randomly show up at that exact same time.

Now you readers know me as an ardent follower of Cyclops. Pax Utopia all around. But I’ll be damned if Mimic doesn’t just throw all of that good will back in my face!

You’ve got to fight for your right to party, Mimic

What the heck is a guy supposed to do in this situation!? Here’s my favorite X-Man angrily rejecting my other favorite X-Man, in a story being told by my favorite X-Man! Still, at least Mimic gets to kick ass, and isn’t that the most important thing? He fights off Magneto, sticks it to Emma Frost (not like that, get your minds out of the gutter), and is about to take down the entire Uncanny team when ForgetMeNot steps in to save the day. He has Mimic and Omega copy his powers until the Uncanny X-Men forget they were even there, and they leave.

Mimic and the Uncanny X-Men? I wish!

Once they’re gone, Mimic promptly drops some sage advice on ForgetMeNot.

As wise as he is handsome

Of course, the moment ForgetMeNot steps away to think about it, Mimic and Omega forget about him and leave. Not cool, dudes.

But still, Mimic is a hero! He’s out saving people and saving the world and doing good things. Christos Gage, I could kiss you! Or maybe just a really firm handshake, or a fist bump. Either way, man, Mimic is in a good place.

Oh, and ForgetMeNot trades places with that girl in the force field. So he’s the one stuck there, and nobody will ever know he’s there…although he says that the force field will probably just forget about him too and let him go. He’s not dead, I think, so hopefully he’ll be back someday. Because seriously, he rules.

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  1. I suspect the ForgetMeNot story was by Simon Spurrier.

  2. Sorry about this, but I must ask. What is Mimic and the X-Men? I’ve never heard of it. If I had, I’d probably be following it.

    • Hahaha, thanks for asking. It’s actually just an in-joke of mine. I’m a huge Mimic fan from all the way back when I was a kid. And about a year ago, Mimic joined the cast of X-Men: Legacy, which was a pretty big deal, because I’ve been lucky to see Mimic make maybe a dozen appearances in comics in the past 20 years. So for just a bit of humor, I started doing fake reviews of the X-Men: Legacy issues where Mimic appeared, and called the comic ‘Mimic and the X-Men’ as part of the joke. You can do a search of them on my site and check out all the previous issues. But really, they’re just issues of X-Men: Legacy that were fortunate enough to feature Mimic.

  3. Ah. I haven’t followed Legacy since before Marvel now. I thought it was solely Legion, and while I like him, I don’t like him enough to add yet another X-Book to my list.

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