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The Batgirl and Supergirl Christmas Tradition!

Artist Mike Maihack has created the ultimate comic Christmas tradition! Adorable Batgirl and Supergirl comics!

Batgirl Supergirl 2017 01

Batgirl Supergirl 2017 02

They’re adorable and awesome very year! Why doesn’t he have professional DC work yet?!


Dear Satan

This cartoon might just win Christmas!

Narrated by Patrick Stewart and created by Anomaly London, this is just a delightful Christmas video! This is the season for those very things.


6 Comic Book Characters Who Have Seen the Light-Based Powers

Christmastime is upon us! As is Hannukah and any other wintery holiday of your choice! The snow has fallen. The TV specials are on. It gets really cold. And almost all of my Christmas shopping is done. But mostly importantly, the Christmas lights are up! So let’s tie that into superheroes!

Some people really dig Christmas

Some people really dig Christmas

When I was little, my family would play the Christmas Light Game in the car on a long ride home. My brother sat on one side of the back seat and I sat on the other, and we counted all the houses that had lights on our side of the street. Whoever had the most houses won! Unfortunately, there aren’t any Christmas light specific comic book characters, but I think I can cheat a little with just superheroes and villains with light-based super-powers.┬áThese are all characters who can generate and manipulate light or light energy.

Join me after the jump to get into the festive spirit of brightness!

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Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

Merry Christmas, everybody who randomly decided to check out my blog today! I’m celebrating with my family, as I do every year. It’s a good time had by all.

If you did happen to come visit this little blog today, I leave you with this, a Happy Holidays message from Gamer Girl & Vixen!

Buy the comic!

But seriously, I hope everybody is well and awesome this time of year. I have a feeling we’re gonna have a really good 2016.


I Assume My Co-Workers Spent Their Holiday Bonus on Something More Practical

My company handed out the annual Holiday/Christmas bonus last week, and I kind of went a little overboard with mine. I assume my co-workers were probably more responsible with the money…but not me.


This was why I had such a good day on Wednesday. This is the ultimate holiday splurge. I feel like a kid in a toy store…which is literally what happened.

Recently, my office has been handing out Christmas bonuses as pre-paid, universal gift cards. The responsible, adult thing to do would be to maybe spend that money on groceries or bills. But for the first time in a few years, I’m not flat broke at Christmas, so I’m not clutching at a Christmas bonus like some desperate lifesaver.

So boom, free money! Retail therapy!

I went to Toys R Us looking for a big, expansive LEGO set. I’ve never had a big, expansive LEGO set. I kind of imagine that they’re awesome. But there just weren’t many good ones available. Maybe the new Force Awakens Millennium Falcon, or the Star Destroyer, but both of those were actually more than my Christmas bonus.

When it comes to LEGOs, I prefer vehicle models over playsets. Give me the Batmobile over the Batcave any day. Vehicles are one, solid, clear object. Playsets are whatever the LEGO designers feel like designing.

So there I was, scouring the LEGO wall at Toys R Us, and two of the greatest recent models jump out at me. I don’t know when I’ll get around to building them, but it’s going to be a blast. Sometimes I love being a geek.


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