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6 Best Bird Super-Villains

In a few short days, the first episode of The Falcon and the Winter Soldier will arrive on Disney+ and hopefully it’s great! In the meantime, I figured we could talk about bird super-villains! Why not? Birds are neat! The Falcon is a bird! In fact, the Falcon topped my previous List of Six on the best bird superheroes in comics!

I should stop the list right here

But we’re not here to talk about superheroes! There are apparently enough bird-themed characters that a bunch of them are villains as well! And I’m not just talking about characters named after birds. Nah. These villains really go all-out in being birds. It’s fun! So why not put them in list form? I considered doing a winter themed list, but I already did one of those! Enjoy that as well!

Then join me after the jump for the best bird-brained super-villains in comics!

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