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A New Look at that Avengers Video Game

In theory, new video games are still going to come out this year. One can only hope. As far as we all know, that big, fancy Avengers video game is still coming out, and a new trailer was released the other day with a bit of new detail about actual gameplay.

Sounds helpful! Considering the year we’re dealing with, I think my hesitancy towards this game is evaporating. We could all use a big, fun, multi-player Avengers game by the time this year is out.

In theory, the game is set for Sept. 4 — the week of my birthday!


Death Stranding Looks Weird as Heck; Avengers Looks Better

A couple new video game trailers came out yesterday for some very anticipated games.

First up is Death Stranding, Hideo Kojima’s new masterpiece that just looks weird as heck! I think you play a delivery man trying to remake America?

Honestly, I don’t want to look up any details about Death Stranding. This looks weird as heck and I don’t want to know anything about it before playing. Though I’ll probably wait and see what the reviews say, see if this is any good. I’m a big Metal Gear Solid fan, so I’m hopeful.

Meanwhile, the Avengers video game put out a new trailer that actually explains what this game is going to be. And it looks a little better than all of the fancy story trailers we’ve already seen.

I’m still not confident that this is going to be more than an on-rails punch’em up, but we’ll see. I’m definitely interested in a big, full scale Avengers game, especially playing as Kamala Khan.

So we’ll see what the future of video games hold!


Kamala Khan is Definitely Going to Star in the Avengers Video Game

We guessed this when the first trailers came out, but the upcoming Avengers video game is going to star Kamala Khan! That’s great! Though this first footage of her gameplay still makes me think this game is going to be totally on rails.

The cut scene animations, story and character acting all seem great, though. As excited as I am for a good Avengers game, especially one starring Ms. Marvel, I’m probably going to wait for the reviews on this one. This game could have all the polish in the world, but still be boring if you’re just doing what the game tells you to do at all times.

We’ll see. The Avengers game comes out on May 15.


A Longer, Dumber Look At That Avengers Video Game

A full blown Avengers video game is due out sometime next year, featuring a movie-similar cast and a bunch of production values. As an Avengers and video game fan, I’m pretty excited. But this longer look at the opening section has me hesitantly cautious.

My major concern is that the game looks way too on-rails. I like a good free roam game. This whole opening segment looks like one long quick time event, where the game controls where you go and how you get there, you just need to press the corresponding button to make that happen.

Of course, that might just be how the opening prologue works, like a tutorial. Either way, I’m still excited, but now more cautious.

There’s also a Ms. Marvel tease about halfway through, so she’s definitely going to be in the game. Pretty sure she’s the narrator.


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