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Adult Swim Jr. is Winning April Fools Day!

I love April Fools Day! I love the pageantry of most holidays, and I especially love the day where we all get together and pull harmless internet prank headlines on one another. If I had more forethought and artistic ability, I’d do something funny with my blog heading…but for now, I shall ride the coattails of Adult Swim Jr.!

Rick and Morty Babies is legit funny. Adult Swim is killing it for April Fool’s Day this year. There are more videos on their Twitter.

I’ll post more if I can find them!


I Love April Fools Day!

I love the very concept of holidays, that we as a people come together for pageantry and silliness on certain days of the year. April Fools Day is a good one, a day for pranks and purposeful silliness. And the Internet is always a great place to find good April Fools Day pranks.

Such as IGN’s latest video for a live action Darth Maul TV show on Netflix! Oh, if only it were true…

I’m a little disappointed in myself that I didn’t name Darth Maul on my list of potential Star Wars Netflix shows. Though he would be a tough sell, quiet guy like that.

Anybody find any other really good Internet pranks this year? Share them in the comments!


April Fools Day Begins with Awesomeness

I love April Fools Day. And I love the Internet’s response to April Fools Day. All the silly little website changes, jokes and Rickrolls. Google is always good for a great joke, and so is the pop culture website IGN. This year they may have outdone themselves, enlisting the talents of Harry Partridge to make a Saturday morning cartoon version of Mass Effect. Perhaps you’ll remember Partridge’s Watchmen Saturday morning cartoon?

Anyway, enjoy the new video and Happy April Fools Day!

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