6 Possible Star Wars Netflix Shows

The success of Daredevil, Jessica Jones and hopefully the rest of the Netflix Defenders has got me thinking: Why not mimic this success for Star Wars? This was definitely an experimental move for Marvel and Disney, but I’d like to think it’s paying off. And Disney clearly has no plans to ever end their series of Star Was entertainment. We’ll have a new movie and a new spin-off movie every year from now on, not to mention all the cartoons and books and video games we could ever possibly want. That’s just life from now on.

So what if Disney started making a bunch of live action, prestige Star Wars shows for Neflix?

First image when you Google ‘Star Wars’

What’s to stop them? An article I saw the other day pointed out the very real fact that few of us will live to see the final Star Wars movie. Disney will outlive us all, and they will continue making Star Wars products from now until the end of time. Rather than be angry with this, I will embrace the inevitable and brainstorm some awesome TV show ideas! Join me after the jump!

6. Mace Windu

Say ‘Force’ one more time…

The first, most obvious choice is to have a TV show about a Jedi. Rather than make one up from scratch, I nominate the early years of Mace Windu! We learned very little about the character in the prequel trilogy, but think about it: a normal, human Jedi somehow rose to become the second-ranking guy in the entire Jedi Order. Mace Windu was practically the equal of Yoda himself! How did that happen? Where did he come from? Where did he get a purple lightsaber? I think the backstory of Mace Windu could be fascinating. Start from the very beginning, with flashbacks to his childhood. Show him as a headstrong padawan, with an awesome Jedi Master. Plus, if you do Mace Windu, not only do you add diversity to the lineup, but you also get to keep Samuel L. Jackson on speed dial! That guy loves Star Wars, but he’s never going to appear in another movie. So have him guest star for some flash forward moments in a Mace Windu show! He made some cameos on Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., so I think he’d be up for this.

5. The Death Star

It would be a tragedy

I once read an Expanded Universe novel about the first Death Star. It was about a handful of different characters and their journeys into and around the construction and implementation of the first Death Star. There was a TIE pilot, a cantina operator, an office guard and more, including the triggerman who actually ‘pulls the trigger’ when the big, planet-destroy laser beam is fired. The book wasn’t any good. It didn’t really have much to do with the Death Star, just this handful of frankly cliched characters, all of whom turn out to be good guys who try to escape before it blows up. Yawn. But I think the Death Star could be the most fascinating setting in any Star Wars show.

The story could follow pre-existing Empire characters or create new ones. There could be disputes with contractors, moral arguments between the men and women planning to use the damn thing. There would be politics and back-stabbing, there could be union difficulties and Rebel problems to deal with. How do you keep something like the Death Star a secret? A lot of work went into building that damn thing, so why not tell the stories of the men, women and wookiees who made it happen?

4. Stormtrooper/First Order Trooper

Don’t fix it if it ain’t broken

I think a show focusing on a Stromtrooper grunt could be pretty cool. Just imagine the sort of boot camp they have to go through, and the nitty, gritty life of one of those soldiers. They can’t all be psychotic soldiers who love killing the Empire’s enemies. There have to be some fascinating stories in there somewhere. If nothing else, the iconography would be astounding. And if you want to get in some promotion for The Force Awakens era, then make the show about the new First Order troopers. They still look largely the same. And I’m sure they’re not clones, right? I bet you could find some interesting stories there, and have Gwendoline Christie guest star as Captain Phasma…assuming she has anything to do with the troopers. I dunno, but it could be cool!

3. Rogue Squadron/Wraith Squadron

Still the coolest starfighter

The nation’s love affair with Top Gun and fighter jets will never dissipate, so let’s do a show about star fighter pilots! As you may know, Rogue Squadron is the name of the Rebel’s elite X-Wing fighter squadron. Luke flew with them against the first Death Star, when they were just ‘Red Squadron’, but they had changed their names to the Rogues by Empire. There is also a great video game about Rogue Squadron, and they were the stars of a pretty spectacular run of Expanded Universe novels back in the day. A Rogue Squadron show could be set in nearly any post-trilogy era. Tell a bunch of high-flying, dog-fighting adventures about a squadron of hotshot, awesome fighter pilots! And pair them off with a squadron of renegade TIE fighter pilots! You’ve got a show!

Read their books!

Or if you want to go one better, make a TV show about Wraith Squadron. Published alongside the Rogue Squadron books, Wraith Squadron was an even grittier group of madcap commandoes working for the Rebellion. Led by Wedge Antilles, Wraith Squadron took the washouts and the criminals from the Rebellion and gathered them into a ‘think outside the box’ black ops unit. They flew X-Wings, went undercover with pirates and basically blew up the galaxy from the inside out. Now there’s your TV show!

2. Boba Fett

Just look at him

I almost put Boba Fett first on this list, because he’s an obvious choice. Yeah, they want to make a movie about Boba Fett, and I’m sure it’ll be fun. But just imagine the sort of depth and intrigue you could get from a Netflix show. Everybody is already crowing about how the Marvel Netflix villains are the best because they’re allowed far more depth than one would get from a two hour movie. So whether Star Wars does a movie/TV show spin-off, or they abandon their Boba Fett movie plans for a TV show, this would be awesome. You’ve got Boba Fett, blasting around the galaxy as the best bounty hunter in the business. You’ve got action scenes galore, you’ve got spaceship scenes, you’ve got Boba visiting all manner of alien planet. And you’ve got the quiet scenes where he actually takes off his helmet and interacts with people.

Imagine Boba Fett with an awesome, tragic love story. Or Boba Fett in a shootout with Stormtroopers on the mean streets of Coruscant. Imagine Boba Fett visiting every cantina this side of Tatooine. It would be awesome. I mean, sure, a movie would probably be awesome too. But we need to think bigger!

1. Mon Mothma

Imagine her torrid affair with Admiral Akbar

Do you even remember Mon Mothma? Surely that picture rings a bell, right? Mon Mothma is one of the leaders of the Rebellion, appearing to rally the troops in Return of the Jedi. She’s also one of only, like, two female characters in the entire original trilogy. Surely that’s important, right? Damn straight it is! Mon Mothma’s story of leading the Rebellion could make for fascinating television, and a show that could run almost parallel to the original trilogy. It could start with a young Mon Mothma cutting her teeth in the Galactic Sentate in the years after Revenge of the Sith, struggling to stay a good person as the Empire takes over. Think of the political drama! Like House of Cards, but starring a good guy, and set in the freakin’ Star Wars Universe!

And then later seasons could move into the rise of the Rebellion and Mon Mothma’s role in it. And then, if it lasts long enough, you could do seasons that take place simultaneously to the original trilogy. Mon Mothma doesn’t show up until Return of the Jedi, so what was she doing during A New Hope and The Empire Strikes Back? Did she have anything to do with Hoth or the old guy who rallied the rebels against the first Death Star? And then imagine recreating her big Return of the Jedi scene on TV? Why not? It could be awesome!

Politics and TV go hand-in-hand, and there’s no better untold political story in Star Wars than that of Mon Mothma and the rise of the Rebellion.


What Star Wars TV shows can you imagine on Netflix? Any characters dying for a chance to stand out? Were my ideas good, bad or lame? Let me know in the comments!


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  1. There’s a pretty big obstacle to a Star Wars TV show: Budget. There’s a reason the Marvel Netflix shows have been street-level characters.

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