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Let’s Brush Up Our Green Lantern Knowledge In These Trying Times

Noah Sterling has been knocking out awesome comic book summaries in his charming animation style for years now, and he just delivered one detailing the history of all the Earth Green Lanterns. It’s fun! And we could all use a bit of fun right now.

I, too, have been wondering what happened to Simon Baz. We haven’t seen him for years!

But I am enjoying Sojourner Mullein in Far Sector! A new issue came out this week and it’s good. Hopefully she gets a chance to really shine going forward.

Who’s your favorite Green Lantern?


The Gay DC Character is a Green Lantern That Nobody Knows and is Also From an Alternate Dimension

The superhero grandpa

The rebooted Alan Scott is gay.

Out of the five┬áhuman Green Lanterns, the one who is least important, who has nothing at all to do with the recent movie or the current cartoon series, who isn’t even connected to the Green Lantern stories that have become so popular, is the character DC revealed as gay. Not only that, but Alan Scott only exists on Earth 2, an alternate dimension that is completely separate from the main DC Universe.

Why the hell was DC Comics making such a big deal out of this?

They couldn’t have picked a more complicated character to explain to the mainstream media. Alan Scott doesn’t have anything at all to do with the Green Lantern movie from just last year, and in fact has an entirely different backstory; plus he’s part of an alternate reality. If they were really looking for a positive gay role model character, they picked one of the absolutely least consequential characters possible.

I realize that the news initially broke because a fan asked DC a question at a comic-con panel, rather than a big DC press release, but then DC went and milked the reveal for all it was worth. And today they launched a huge media blitz revealing that one of their “iconic” superheroes was going to be rebooted as gay. Now that we know that Green Lantern Alan Scott is the gay character, I just think it reinforces how silly this publicity stunt was in the first place.

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