6 USA-Themed Superheroes (Other Than Captain America)

Hooray America! At long last, the people of the United States of America came together to oust Donald J. Trump from the White House! Granted, it was a tight race and a good 70 million+ Americans still voted for that national embarrassment to remain in power, but the only thing that matters in the end is the win for Joe Biden.

So let’s celebrate by recognizing a bunch of fun USA-themed comic book characters!

Let freedom ring

Obviously Captain America is the #1 choice for such a list, but everybody already knows about him. Let’s dig deeper and find some of the more obscure and yet still 100% real America-themed comic book characters! There are a lot more than you’d think. And I’m not just talking about U.S.Agent or Iron Patriot either. Oh no, we’re digging deep for this list and it’s going to be a raucous good time!

Join me after the jump for six United States of America-themed superheroes as we celebrate a Trump-less country.

6. The Shield

Quick history lesson! The Shield debuted in Pep Comics #1 in January 1940. Captain America debuted in March 1941. Surprise! This is one of those weird coincidences. I guess there was something about America-themed shields fighting the Nazis that comic book creators really liked. Also, the Shield was chemist Joe Higgins, who’s father was working on a formula for super strength, only for his dad to die in a Nazi sabotage explosion. Huh. Joe eventually finished the formula, applied it to himself and became the Shield!

5. Fighting American

Speaking of similar superheroes back in the Golden Age comes Fighting American. Captain America was created by comic book legends Joe Simon and Jack Kirby. And Fighting American was created by…comic book legends Joe Simon and Jack Kirby. Turns out, the pair were pretty perturbed in 1954 when Marvel Comics (Atlas Comics at the time) decided to bring back Captain America for a new comic. So the pair decided they could do it even better and introduced Fighting American with Harvey Comics. They intended to pit him against Communists in the vein of Senator Joseph McCarthy…until McCarthy revealed himself to be a maniac. Simon and Kirby quickly transitioned Fighting American into more of a satire of the times.

4. SuperPatriot

From the mind that brought us Savage Dragon and his part of the Image Comics revolution comes SuperPatriot! Like a lot of America-themed superheroes, Johnny Armstrong started as a WWII soldier. He got kidnapped by Nazis and turned into a superman, only to rebel and destroy everything around him. He was a hero for the following decades until he reached the extreme ’90s! SuperPatriot was half-eaten by a villainous shark-man and was left for dead, so he got turned into an even cooler and more extreme cyborg warrior! Only then could he handle the 1990s.

3. America Chavez

America Chavez is a modern creation, but is no less of an ass-kicker. She started small and quickly got plucked up for some bigger comics, like Young Avengers and A-Force. America is from a parallel dimension and has the ability to punch her way through dimensions. She eventually showed up in the regular Marvel Universe and made a bunch of friends. She’s also rumored to show up in the Doctor Strange movie sequel, so that’s neat!

2. American Eagle

America is for everybody! Including Native Americans! Jason Strongbow is a member of the Navajo Nation who got super-powers from radiation while fighting the villain Klaw over mining rights. When he first emerged as a superhero, he wore a full “Indian chief” headdress, as was the early 1980’s interpretation of a Native American superhero. But more modern comics decided to revamp him into that cool biker jacket pictured above. That works much better.

1. Uncle Sam

Captain America may be pretty American, but he’s not the physical embodiment of Uncle Sam! No tricks, no secret identities, the Uncle Sam of DC Comics is a spiritual being who forms whenever America needs help. He was originally a spirit born from a dead soldier in the 1940s, but was later revamped to be a being created by the Founding Fathers themselves. Uncle Sam would go on to lead a team of superheroes called the Freedom Fighters and he shows up every time DC wants to tell a fun America story. God Bless America!


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