6 Things I Want to See in a New Rey Skywalker Movie

A week or so ago, the good people at Star Wars Celebration announced a slew of new film and TV projects, including the return of Daisy Ridley as Rey Skywalker. Many of us had written off the sequel movies and their era as dead in the water. They were not well liked by the fans, and we’ve only really heard some bad stories coming out of production. So this was a surprise, to be a sure, but a welcome one.

First yellow, now orange. What’s next? Puce?!

I am not one of those bitter fans who hate all things Star Wars these days. I love all things Star Wars. I’m enjoying the third season of The Mandalorian and see nothing wrong with it. I don’t have very high opinions of the sequel films, but I liked the characters, and I’ll watch any future Star Wars movie that comes to theaters. And I’d be perfectly happy to see another movie set beyond those films, to keep the story going. Rey is the perfect character to follow. I don’t have any problems with the character whatsoever — even though I wish she’d remained a nobody, and not Palpatine’s granddaughter. That was dumb.

Join me after the jump for six things I want to see in a new Rey movie set after the sequel trilogy. And feel free to share some of your own ideas in the comments below!

6. Finn

Attack the Block Part 2 when please?

Let’s take care of an easy one right off the bat. I want Finn to come back. I really liked this character, and I completely agree with everyone else — including actor John Boyega — that Finn got shafted by the end, with no real major storyline. I was also a big Rey/Finn ‘shipper, so the two of them not getting together in the end was very disappointing. That can be fixed in a new movie. Granted, the new film is supposedly set 15 years after the last one, so either they’d have been together for a long time or they waited very long to get together. Either way, Rey and Finn should still be pals, and should still be a part of each other’s lives. But I”d fully understand if Boyega didn’t want to return.

5. All new story/enemies

Legacies my butt

For the love of everything holy, please do not make yet another movie about a band of plucky rebels or resistance fighters up against a new iteration of the Empire. Come up with something new. Anything new. Remember the Yuuzhan Vong? Strange aliens from beyond the Outer Rim, with weird new biology? Take inspiration from that! Or the bad guys in the High Republic books. They’re different. Come up with a new and original story. Don’t just bring back the Empire or the First Order or any variation of them. Don’t just bring back the Emperor again. Come up with something new.

4. A new kind of Jedi


Speaking of doing something new, I still feel that the biggest missed opportunity of the sequel trilogy is that moment in The Last Jedi where Kylo Ren offers Rey his hand and she turns him down. He was offering to change the way the Force is used, to tear down the Jedi vs. Sith conflict of the past and create something new. That would have been an awesome direction to take the films, and a great twist for the film. Why does Rey need to rebuild the same old Jedi Order? Isn’t that what Yoda suggested in the last movie? Burn down the old! Start something new! Find new ways to use and explore the Force!

3. A functional, democratic government

Mon Mothma didn’t do all her stuff for nothing, dammit

A lot is being said in the third season of The Mandalorian how the New Republic isn’t very good. They’ve got Tim Meadows mucking everything up, and just aren’t that great of a government. And then the First Order obliterated their leadership in the sequel movies. Is it too much to ask that the government that replaced The Empire be an actually good government? What’s the point of taking down The Empire if you can’t replace it with something better? I would like for some semblance of a good government be in place by the time of Rey’s new movie.

2. Rose

Justice for Rose!

Daisy Ridley may be the only actor announced so far as returning, but hopefully Star Wars plans to bring back more. And I want to see more Rose Tico. Kelly Marie Tran came in and did a great job, and then got promptly piled on by the hateful branch of the Star Wars fandom. So much so that her role in the last movie got greatly reduced. That’s garbage! So bring back Rose Tico and give her an awesome role somewhere in the galaxy. Maybe her and Rey are best pals? Perhaps they just keep in touch? I dunno. But of all the sequel characters, Rose is the one I want to see come back the most.

1. Grogu

He will outlive us all

We gotta continue the story of Baby Yoda. That character is here for life now, right? His species lives for 900+ years, so he’s gonna be an active character in Star Wars media until the heat death of the universe, right? And I’m all for it! I am fully on board the Baby Yoda train. The Mandalorian is the story of him becoming a badass Mandalorian/Jedi hybrid warrior. And by the time we get to the timeline of the new Rey movies, he’ll be a teenager, right? With a full-beskar suit of armor and the Darksaber, right? It’s the perfect place to continue his story and keep him in the public consciousness. And I just wanna see him grow up. Don’t we all?



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