The Top 6 Superheroes I Want to Write

Time to give myself a blog birthday present! Yesterday was my birthday, and I shared with everyone the exciting news that I’ve finally started work on a new, self-published (for now) comic book project, Cover Bard. I can’t wait to get this comic up and running! Of course, the ultimate goal for a fella like me is to use this indie comic career to get hired to write superhero comics for Marvel and/or DC. So how about a List of Six of the exciting superheroes I’m hoping to write for someday?

Everything I do is part of my grand plan to write Multiple Man

I have fully come to accept that my dream might never happen. I’m not a spring chicken anymore, for one thing. And I’m not at all convinced that I’m such a god among writers that I need to be published. I’m just gonna tell stories and make indie comics and hopefully, someday, I’ll get that invite to write for the pros. No harm in dreaming. And should that day come, I know exactly what characters I’ll pitch for. I’ve got some ideas jotted down already, and other characters I would just love to write.

Join me after the jump for the random smattering of comic book superheroes I hope to write professionally someday. Getting my name in the credits of any of these comics would be a lifelong dream fulfilled!

6. Female symbiote

Consolation prize

My favorite symbiote is Scream, the female symbiote. And I have some really fun ideas for her character and a growing symbiote world. Venom and Carnage are the big draws, but I think some of the minor symbiotes could hold their own in a little comic. The problem is that Scream has been killed and twisted into a new symbiote called Silence. There’s still potential, but she’s not the original symbiote anymore. Fortunately, Agony, the other female symbiote, is still around. She was a member of the evil Thunderbolts recently. I could transfer some of my Scream ideas to Agony maybe. Just let me have the lot of them.

5. Quasar

So much potential

Like any good writer, I’m deeply paranoid about keeping my story ideas secret, so I won’t be spilling any specific details about what I have in mind for Quasar. But I think the third Quasar, Avril Kincaid, has a lot of potential that isn’t being explored. She got “killed” shortly after appearing, and now exists in some weird quantum-flux state with the regular Quasar, Wendell Vaughn. I dunno, it’s complicated. But I think I have some neat ideas to push Avril ahead, and give Marvel another LGBTQ+ superhero in her own starring series. I still think she could be a good choice for the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s first starring queer hero…even though she’s pretty similar to Captain Marvel.

4. Legion of Super-Heroes


I don’t really care much for the Legion of Super-Heroes. But you know who I do like? The Legion of Substitute Heroes! They’ve a fun concept. Has there ever been a Legion comic where it looks like we’re getting the classic Legion…but then the comic pulls the ol’ switcheroo and it’s actually about the Subs? That would be my comic. We’d promote it as a normal Legion story…but at the end of the first issue, we’d twist that all the Legion die (or at least go missing), and from then on, it’s a story where the Subs bumble in their attempts to step up and protect the world and solve the mystery of what happened to the Legion. I think that would be a neat comic that I could totally write!

3. Stingray

The Namor movie is gonna need sidekicks

I have a really great, 5-issue Stingray story I want to pitch Marvel someday. It’s got comedy, it’s got humanity, it’s got a big role for his family; I just really like Stingray. I’ve always had a soft spot for this D-list Avenger and I don’t think he gets the respect he deserves or could handle. There have been some highlights to his career here and there, but mostly he’s still treated as a joke. But let me at him, and I’ll turn Stingray into a real shining light for the Marvel Universe, a character with some real personality and charm.

2. Batman and Robin

Comics need more Robin

I know every amateur comic book writer in the world probably wants to take a stab at writing Batman. But for me? I want to write Batman and Robin. Give me that Dynamic Duo action! Heck, I don’t know if I want to write a Robin solo book. I want the team aspect. I want the mentor/student part of the equation. I’d for sure be willing to use more members of the Bat-Family if they were available. But I think the world of comics has long been without the classic Batman and Robin partnership. Maybe I’ll get extra lucky and I’ll be writing for DC when they’re ready to anoint a new Robin. If wishes were horses…

1. X-Men

I’ll take any lineup

Out of all other comic book properties, I probably hope to land somewhere in the realms of the X-Men. One never knows what the X-Men status quo is going to be any given year, but it has the highest concentration of my favorite characters and I’m sure I could figure out either team comics or solo stories to write. Let me do a Multiple Man comic. I’ve got some neat ideas for Nightcrawler. I’ve got a Wolverine idea, so it’s not just about the obscure mutants. I don’t know what I’d do with the Mimic but I hope to raise him to some degree of prominence! I’ve got some ideas for a Brotherhood of Mutants comic. X-Factor is always fun. And hey, maybe let me be the architect of the entire X-Men line of comics! I’m sure I could come up with something fun. Never know until I try!


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