My Next Comic Book Project is Cover Bard

Great news, everybody! At long last I am finally working on a new comic book writing project! All my life I’ve wanted to be a professional fiction writer, but I’ve never really done it all that much. I’ve got this blog, and my first comic book project, Gamer Girl & Vixen, is still in production. But finally, at long last, I’ve started up a whole new, solo project!

Introducing Cover Bard, my new fantasy comic book series!

Bartlesby, Langley and Kenzie — Artwork by Lucien Beatrice

For the past year, I’ve been taking a comics writing class from Scott Snyder, the guy behind New 52 Batman and a ton of other great comic books and stories. The class has really taught me a lot and helped me to focus on my storytelling. I highly recommend the class on Substack. It’s about to start its second year, still going strong.

That class has finally pushed me to write again. I’ve always had a ton of ideas, but there’s just be some mental block that stopped me from buckling down and just writing. I just wouldn’t get out of my own way. But the time is now, and the story is Cover Bard!

This is going to be a fantasy comic about that very idea, of a creator unable to get out of their own way. Cover Bard will star Langley Stoll, a rather unimpressive young man who’s always dreamed of being a famous bard. But instead of writing and performing his own music, he spends all his time doing cover songs of the far more famous and popular bard, Phoenix Fire.

This isn’t a comic about the greatest bard in the world. This is just a tribute.

Langley — stage name “Phoenix Lyre” — meets up with the elf rogue, Kenzie Fleet, and the gnoll fighter, Bartlesby of the Sharptooth Cackle, to go on an adventure to the upcoming Phoenix Fire concert in the big city. Langley is convinced that if gets a chance to play his tribute songs for his musical idol, then Phoenix Fire will take him along on tour and he’ll finally be famous. Little does he know, Kenzie, the rogue, is playing him for a sucker. She plans to use Langley as both a Trojan Horse and a fall guy in her scheme to rob Phoenix Fire blind. She just has to get Langley to the big concert in one piece.

And that is the basic story, set up in the first issue…which is written, but is far from done. I plan to use this upcoming month to hire an artist and get to work making a new comic! I’m planning for 5 to 6 total issues, with some Kickstarters along the way to help fund it. So expect to see more about Cover Bard on this blog in the future.

I’m finally making my own comics again and I couldn’t be more excited!



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  1. That’s truly exciting. Congrats and best of luck!

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