6 Surprise Cameos I Want to See in She-Hulk

The She-Hulk TV show debuts this week and I am super excited! The trailers look great, the sense of humor should be fun, and I’m very much looking forward to the courtroom stuff. I love the idea that the showrunners are making a legal show first and a superhero show second. That is exactly what I want to watch! I am also looking forward to some wild character cameos.

TV bound

The trailers for She-Hulk have already confirmed Daredevil, Frog-Man, the Porcupine, Man-Bull and more. It looks like they’re digging deep into Marvel Comics to find some truly outrageous characters to need legal help. I think that’s hilarious and should be a lot of fun! And I sure as heck know a lot of deep lore Marvel characters who I’d like to see make random appearances in a show like this, especially if they’re big cameos that will shake the Marvel Cinematic Universe to its core!

Join me after the jump for a random smattering of characters — some rumored, some plucked from thin air — who I would like to see randomly show up in She-Hulk: Attorney at Law.

6. Screaming Mimi

Cartoons are still a thing

I am a huge fan of Melissa Gold and her journey from the villainous Screaming Mimi to the heroic Songbird. She was a founding member of the comic book Thunderbolts, and she had quite the journey — though never quite making it to proper Avengers status, as far as I’m concerned. She could be so much bigger! Songbird is visually cool, and the journey from villain to hero is one we haven’t seen much of in the MCU as of yet. So wouldn’t it be neat if Screaming Mimi showed up in She-Hulk needing legal help? And that led to her transforming into Songbird for that upcoming Thunderbolts movie that was recently announced?

5. Stilt-Man

Even in the 90s, cartoons were a thing

Stilt-Man is just plain funny. Simple as that. And while I know he’s a Daredevil fan, there’s no way the serious Daredevil in the MCU is going to fight Stilt-Man. So how about the funny Daredevil who’s going to appear in She-Hulk take on Stilt-Man? This might be Stilty’s only chance to appear in the MCU. And if they’re doing the likes of Frog-Man and the Porcupine, making Stilt-Man a reality would be the bee’s knees!

4. Squirrel Girl

Vayntrub was robbed

This is the second time a live action Squirrel Girl has been pitched on this blog in less than a month and I am perfectly fine with it. Actor Milana Vayntrub was robbed of playing a live action Squirrel Girl in that New Warriors project a few years ago, and she’s still the perfect casting for this fan favorite character. A comedy show like She-Hulk is the perfect place for her to debut and then be launched into greater projects. And, again, the casting is already done. So just call some agents and make it happen.

3. Jessica Jones

Remember taxis?

Marvel has made all our fanboy heads explode with the return of Charlie Cox and Vincent D’Onofrio as Daredevil and Kingpin, plucked straight out of the Daredevil Netflix show. But they weren’t the only perfectly cast actors to keep those shows afloat back in their day. Krysten Ritter was great as super strong private investigator Jessica Jones, and she deserves a return and a proper introduction into the MCU. And it works out perfectly that a lawyer might need to hire a private investigator, right? This is one of those obvious cameos that should be easy to pull off, and I really do hope is waiting for us in one of these upcoming episodes.

2. The Thing

Why do live action movies hate his head shape?

Here’s the big rumor that’s been swirling about the She-Hulk show, that Marvel has already cast The Thing from their upcoming Fantastic Four movie and he might just pop into She-Hulk. I would love for this to happen. The Thing and She-Hulk go way back, and he’s exactly the sort of downtown palooka who could use some legal help from time to time. This would be a reveal on par with Marvel dropping the “mutation” stuff at the end of Ms. Marvel. And it’s not like Marvel has kept their Fantastic Four movie a secret. We all know it’s going to happen, and there’s a lot of speculation about casting announcements at the upcoming Disney Day early next month. What better way to tease the Disney Day reveals than by having the Thing show up on She-Hulk that same week?

1. Deadpool

Just let it happen

Want to really blow everybody’s freakin’ mind? Have Deadpool show up. We already know that Disney is moving ahead on Deadpool 3. It might even be in production, if not pre-production. And you know Ryan Reynolds would be game for such a cameo. Just have Deadpool show up. All he needs is a single scene, like that bit he did with Korg that one time. Even just a walk on appearance would set the internet on fire. We’ve already seen in the trailers that She-Hulk will break the fourth wall, like in the comics, so it makes perfect sense for Deadpool, the other fourth-wall-breaker, to make an appearance. It would definitely draw attention to your TV show and promote the upcoming Deadpool 3. Not to mention it would blow pretty much everybody’s freakin’ mind, as I mentioned earlier!



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  1. My wife might need to resuscitate me if Matt Rocks walks in for a job application.

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