6 Best Hammers in Pop Culture

What are you the god of again? Was it hammers? Let’s hope so, because I’m doing a List of Six about famous hammers in pop culture in honor of Thor: Love and Thunder! I am super excited to see the the film this weekend, and this was the best, funnest idea I could come up with that wasn’t just gushing about Beta Ray Bill.

Thor: Love and Thunder

I thought about doing a list of alternate versions of Thor in pop culture. There are a bunch of those and they’re always fun. Or maybe a list about alternate people who have lifted Thor’s magic hammer, Mjolnir? Those are also fun, and would allow me to include Beta Ray Bill. I also could have done a List of Six about all the reasons that Beta Ray Bill should join the Marvel Cinematic Universe! Who wouldn’t love that? But nah. I settled on something simple and fun about pop culture hammers.

Join me after the jump for a bunch of cool, hammer-wielding legends!

Honorable Mention: Captain Hammer

The hammer is his penis, if you remember

Man, remember Captain Hammer? Remember Dr. Horrible’s Song-Along Blog? Remember when such a thing was called a “blog”? Now it would be Dr. Horrible’s Song-Along TikTok or some such zoomer nonsense. But Captain Hammer was there, played by the phenomenal Nathan Fillion, and he’s a pretty cool pop culture hammer…but he’s not really a real hammer, so he just gets an honorable mention.

6. Steel

Where’s Shaquille O’Neal now that we need him more than ever?

DC Comics has their own version of Thor, having shown up in some recent Wonder Woman comics. But their most famous hammer-wielding superhero is Steel, the ordinary man who built himself a suit of armory to replace a dead Superman. John Henry Irons proved he had what it takes, becoming a literal ‘man of steel’ to fight bad guys and smack them in the heads with his big maul. That’s close enough to a Superman punch.

5. Hextech Hammer

Arcane season 2 when?

At any other point in time, League of Legends wouldn’t be famous enough to make this list. But Jayce Talis has now starred in the excellent Arcane series on Netflix, and he’s cool enough to make this list! Jayce put his Hextech to great use towards the end of the series, creating a totally boss Hextech power hammer to fight against evil. It not only has power as a hammer, but it can transform into all sorts of other weapons and gadgets. The hammer is his main weapon in the League of Legends game, and now, thanks to the show, the whole world knows!

4. Fix-It Felix

A gentle lover, probably

Wreck-It Ralph wrecks, and Fix-It Felix fixes. Simple as that. With his tiny, golden hammer, Fix-It Felix just has to tap on something and its magically restored to perfect condition. Such is video game logic. Fix-It Felix was a fun addition to the first film, and an afterthought in the second film. But that hammer sure was something special.

3. Gravity hammer

Did you know they’re still making Red vs. Blue?

The Halo video game series is full of a ton of neat weapons, a lot of them having become iconic in the world of gaming. The energy sword? The Needler? Heck yeah! And then there’s the gravity hammer, wielded by the game’s Brutes. It’s a big, bulky, two-handed beast of a weapon, smashing all foes with a single blow. Get your hands on one of these and Halo becomes a whole new game! Then they showed up in the TV series. Fancy that, huh?

2. Doomhammer

I don’t know Thrall’s status quo anymore

Is World of Warcraft still a hit? Who can tell these days. Anyway, the coolest, best, most famous and important weapon in all of Warcraft is the Doomhammer! The mighty hammer of the orcs, wielded by Orgrim Doomhammer and then Warchief Thrall! It’s a big slab of metal with some wolves carved on it, wielded in one hand like the mighty maul it is. This thing even got to appear in the live action movie! What other Warcraft weapon can brag that?

1. Mjolnir

I couldn’t lift Mjolnir

Alright, so I didn’t throw any curveballs here at the last minute. The most famous hammer in pop culture is Thor’s hammer, Mjolnir. That’s simply a fact. Everybody knows about this thing! It looks cool and it’s got that awesome magical enchantment where only the worthy can lift it. Who doesn’t love that lore? Mjolnir hasn’t been this popular since vikings roamed the Earth! And nobody can say it properly! Fortunately, Beta Ray Bill can lift it…so why isn’t he in the MCU yet?!

Also, Mr. Rogers couldn’t lift Mjolnir. How’s that for a curveball? Come at me.


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