6 Things I Want to See in The Batman Movie

The latest trailer for the upcoming Batman reboot was released this past weekend and I thought it was a blast! This looks like a really great Batman movie, and I am as hyped as anybody else. Who doesn’t love a new Batman movie? I do feel a little bit weird getting excited for this film. It wasn’t too long ago that we were already getting some excellent, well-made, very gritty Batman movies. But we’re gonna do it all again anyway!

The most important “the” in the world

Honestly, I’m worried that this list is going to be kind of weak. I have loved pretty much everything we saw in both trailers so far. The Batman seems to be going for a very cool tone, which is a favorite among Batman fans. The action looks good. The world looks cool. Batman and all his Bat-stuff looks great. What’s left for there to hope for? Join me after the jump to find out!

6. A better haircut

Damn hippie

I don’t like Robert Pattinson’s Bruce Wayne haircut. That’s not a haircut that says ‘Bruce Wayne’ to me. That’s a really mopey, emo haircut and I don’t like it. Granted, I’m no hair expert. I barely know what to do with my own hair. But I don’t like that haircut and I don’t want it in the movie for long. Pattinson has had much better haircuts in the past. Go with one of those.

5. Joker in the past

Prison is working for the Joker this time

The Joker has been done. He’s been done to death. Hell, two different actors have won Oscars for their portrayals of the Joker. That seems weird to me. And it’s a good sign that we don’t need yet another cinematic Joker. So rather than end The Batman with a tease for the Joker, rather than bring in the Crown Prince of Crime for the sequel, let’s just say that Batman fought and defeated the Joker before this movie. I don’t think The Batman is going to be an origin story. I think Batman will already be established. So let’s say the Joker is from the past, and he’s already locked up in Arkham Asylum. He can perhaps be a presence — like those white-faced goons in the trailer being former henchmen — but we don’t need him on screen anytime soon. Maybe the threequel? Let’s let the Riddler, Penguin and Catwoman really shine without falling back to the crutch that is the Joker.

4. Really clever riddles

He’ll build a giant maze and a crappy computer game

I think we’re getting a focus on the detective side of Batman in the new movie, and I hope they really push that as hard as they can when dealing with the Riddler. Like, I hope the script has been punched up a ton, with some really smart, really clever, really head-scratching riddles and clues. How cool would it be to get some kind of Usual Suspects-style twist ending? Where all of the clues fall into place, and the Batman and the audience are really thrown for a loop. I really want them to emphasize how the Riddler is very different from the Joker.

3. The accompanying TV show needs to be more like Gotham Central this time

Read all the volumes

Gotham Central is one of my all-time favorite comic books. It’s a masterpiece, as far as I’m concerned. It should also work as the blueprint for a great TV show. It’s basically all those Law and Order police procedurals, but set in Gotham City, complete with Batman and all the villains. It’s phenomenal. But the TV show Gotham wasn’t like Gotham Central. And now they’re doing it again with some kind of accompanying TV show to The Batman movie. I don’t know what it’s going to be like, but it’s going to focus on the Gotham City Police Department, possibly with Jim Gordon. Just make Gotham Central. It’s gonna be an HBO Max show, with Matt Reeves attached in some capacity. So just do Gotham Central.

Look at all of the success Disney+ is having with their superhero TV shows connected to the movies. Here is DC’s chance to do that, but perhaps even better, since their show can feature Batman. And in a Gotham Central-style show, Batman wouldn’t even show up all that often. But surely Robert Pattison would be down for appearing on the show, right? Create your own movie/TV cinematic universe!

2. Batman shouldn’t kill

No cutting!

I am firmly in the camp that believes Batman shouldn’t kill his enemies or any criminals. He needs to toe that line, that hard rule. It just makes for a better character. Tell Zack Snyder to shove it and create a Batman who doesn’t kill. It is intrinsic to the very heart of the character and there shouldn’t be any problem making it a reality in the new movie series.

1. Robin

Looks fine by me!

I am who I am and I’m not going to apologize for it. I love Robin more than Batman, and I want to see Robin done right in one of these big blockbuster movies. Robin got done largely dirty in the Joel Schumacher films. And he was done better in the Christopher Nolan movies, even if he wasn’t any sort of traditional Robin. But there is more than enough evidence that Robin can work just fine in this sort of gritty world. From the live action Robins on the Titans TV show to various comic book incarnations, Robin can work. The blueprint is there. Just look at Dark Victory, the sequel to Long Halloween. It’s by the same creative team and they do a phenomenal job making Robin work in a dark, gritty, grounded Batman story.

And think of what a fun challenge it could be for a filmmaker. The great Christopher Nolan didn’t think he could make a proper Robin work in his Batman films. Well Reeves can show the world how damn good he is by making Robin work in the new franchise!

I’m willing to wait until the sequel or threequel to see any sign of Robin. I’ll grant Reeves that much.



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