Tim Drake is LGBTQ+ Now

Tim Drake is my favorite Robin. And for some time now, I have been following the ups and downs of his costumed identity. Is he Robin? Is he Red Robin? Is he Drake? One thing I did not see coming is that apparently DC Comics is making Tim one of their LGBTQ+ characters!

In this week’s issue of Batman: Urban Legends, Tim Drake agrees to go on a date with an old guy friend named Bernard.

Bernard is a random choice out of past Tim Drake pals

Bleeding Cool has a much fuller recap of the whole story. I haven’t been reading because I never bother with the various extra Batman comics out there, even if this seems like it was a pretty cool Tim Drake story.

But yeah, that’s the big Tim Drake news! They don’t define his sexuality in this issue. Bleeding Cool seems to think he might be bisexual. But when Marvel switched Iceman to LGBTQ+, they made him gay, despite his past relationships with multiple women. Tim has had a long lasting relationship with Stephanie Brown, Spoiler, but there’s no indication yet what DC is going to do with Tim.

Tim has long been a fan-favorite queer possibility, with fans putting him in a relationship with Conner Kent. Perhaps those fans will finally get their day!

Personally, I’m fine with this. DC has spent the past 10 years having no idea what to do with Tim Drake. As much as I love Tim as Robin, I think it’s way past time we graduated to his own identity. “Drake” was a bad idea, but he could still pick something else. Hopefully this change in his sexuality helps him come to terms with a new superhero identity.



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