6 Thoughts on the First Season of Loki

The first season of Loki is over and nothing will ever be the same. Theoretically. I’m excited to see where we go from here and am very pleased with the show. The first three of Marvel Studios’ shows are over and I am happy to say they are all an unqualified success! Oh to live in a world where we get to have and enjoy these shows.

TV Show Rating: 7/10 – Good.

I’m not going to sugar coat things: if I were to rank the first three Marvel Studios shows, as most people online are doing, I would rank Loki last. I’ve never been as big a fan of the character as everybody else seems to be. I never cared for Loki in the comics, and I’m not smitten with him in the MCU. Simple as that. But this was still a solid show, there’s a lot of promise to be had in that big cliffhanger ending and I look forward to more Tom Hiddleston-led adventures in mischief.

Join me after the jump for my thoughts/review of the first season of Loki. Expect FULL SPOILERS!

6. Yeah, I liked it

What’s not to like?

Loki was a fine show with some strong characters and moments, and a really nutsy finale. But I wasn’t all that impressed, to be honest. The entire first half seemed really flat to me. The introduction of the whole thing was great, and who didn’t love the Loki/Mobius buddy routine? I really love the concept as a whole. But in the end, that first half really was just set-up. And not the best kind of set up. That third episode should have been used to give us more about Sylvie, but no such luck.

The fourth and fifth episodes were amazing. They took this show from OK to great! The fifth episode, especially, with all those different Lokis and Old Loki’s glorious purpose, was some truly next level excitement. Then the finale was one long monologue, essentially, setting up and explaining future events. And it was fine. But overall, I just wasn’t as jazzed about this season as other Marvel projects. Though perhaps I expected too much…

5. There should have been a twist

He’s the king of twists

I kept expecting a twist. Something akin to The Usual Suspects that would really flip everything on its head. I figured, if you’re going to make a Loki show, you start the long con at the very beginning and blow everybody’s minds that he’s really manipulated everything from the beginning. All the times they reinforced that Loki was a master manipulator, I expected something really big…but he didn’t end up manipulating anybody. It all really was just Loki going along for the ride on a wacky time adventure.

4. I wonder how Season 2 is going to even work


I am definitely excited for a season two. There are a million different places this show can go and I can’t wait to see them all. But how the heck is that even going to happen? Obviously the season two reveal was a surprise, so Marvel hasn’t clued us in as to where it will fit in the release schedule…but yeah, where the heck is it going to fit?! And we already know that the multiverse stuff and the Kang the Conqueror stuff is going to be picked up by everything from Doctor Strange to Ant-Man. So what is a second season of Loki even going to look like? Surely these upcoming Multiverse of Madness movies are going to change the status quo a lot between the two seasons.

Of course, this is all part of the grand experiment that Marvel is working on, and I am here for that. We expect TV shows to flow from season to season…but perhaps Loki is going to be the first ever show where the seasons really are part of a bigger tapestry instead of their own contained series. That will be wild!

3. Loki ❤ Sylvie

Couples who fight together…

I ‘ship them. Perhaps I’ve seen too much on the internet and been around too long, but the idea of two alternate timeline versions of the same character falling in love with one another and hooking up does not bother me in the least. They’re cute together, and that’s exactly the sort of weird relationship for Loki to get wrapped up in. The dude was mating with horses in Norse mythology. So I am 100% behind a Loki ❤ Sylvie relationship, for sure.

2. I’m not yet sold on Kang the Conqueror

It’s a good start

I am also 100% behind the casting of Jonathan Majors as Kang the Conqueror…I just wasn’t totally sold on that initial performance. I’m just not a fan of the wacky/campy craziness portrayal, in anybody or any character. It’s not my thing. Fortunately, that was clearly a version of Kang, one addlepated by centuries sitting alone at the end of all time and space. Hopefully we’ll see some different sides of Majors and Kang going forward.

1. I guess we’re saving the Jet Ski for the…Loki movie?

I wonder if Marvel knew what they were setting up when they had Owen Wilson talk about Jet Skis. Surely they know how the internet and how fandom works, right? Surely they know you don’t drop us a tease like that with no pay-off, right? Because Mobius did not get a Jet Ski in season one and we are all furious. So perhaps it’s being saved for the series finale? Whenever that might be…Or maybe Loki earns himself a movie by the end?

Who knows! The important thing is there’s going to be more Loki content, and there’s plenty of time left for Owen Wilson to ride off into the sunset on a Jet Ski. That’s all that matters anymore.


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