6 Cosmic Characters I Want to See in the Guardians of the Galaxy Game

Monday saw the announcement of an upcoming Guardians of the Galaxy video game. It’s going to be a single player action RPG where you take the movie-lite characters on an adventure through the cosmos. A bunch of cosmic Marvel characters appear in the trailer…and all of them are from the GotG movies.

Surely the game isn’t restricted to just the movies…right?

Everybody loves the movies!

Marvel has a bajillion and one cosmic characters out there in the universe. Surely this game has the rights to include more than just movie characters, right? The Square Enix Avengers game included the likes of Ms. Marvel and Kate Bishop, and they aren’t from the movies…though both have upcoming shows. Oh…oh god. The GotG game is only going to include movie characters. Cosmo, Mantis, Nova Corps, Collector…that’s all we’re going to get! Noooooooo!

Join me after the jump to relieve my disappointment with some awesome cosmic characters who I hope beyond hope get to show up in the Guardians of the Galaxy video game!

6. The Starjammers

Probably never gonna get a movie

How funny would this be? The Starjammers, captained by Christopher Summers and featuring the likes of Ch’od, are an equally scrappy and quippy gang of space pirates. The two groups are so evenly matched in terms of their whole deal, it would like that scene in Shaun of the Dead where he bumps into the identical group. Something similar could happen in this new game. Maybe they bump into each other having both been hired for the same mission? Maybe they race their spaceships? I think it’d be pretty funny.

5. Beta Ray Bill

The world needs to know his name!

Why do a Thor cameo when you can do a Beta Ray Bill cameo? He’s much weirder and much more fun. He can just pop into the game in the middle of anything. Deliver a killer blow, maybe a quip or two. Maybe he has a history with one of the heroes. It would just be plain fun.

4. Darkhawk

Did you know there’s gonna be a Darkhawk reboot? I guess Chris Powell never caught on

Darkhawk was reinvented a couple years ago as a cosmic character and that makes him perfect for an appearance. Darkhawk is a member of the Fraternity of Raptors, and while I don’t know all of their most recent updates and retcons, they’re a cool idea that would work perfectly in this game. The Raptors could be some generic bad guys to fight, and one of them is a human ally. Sounds workable to me!

3. Bug

Maybe the Micronauts will be a thing again someday

Bug is probably my favorite member of the comic book Guardians of the Galaxy. Once upon a time, when I was a wee lad, I bought and read a special Bug one-shot that saw him and Annihilus doing battle across the timestream. Then, a bunch of years later, Bug was randomly drafted into the revived Guardians of the Galaxy in the comics, before they got movie famous. But his rights are a bit complicated and he didn’t make the jump to the movies. So why not make up for that deficiency by having him show up in the game? I’m sure the rights are still complicated…but a Bug fan can dream.

2. Galactus (and the Silver Surfer)

No clouds here

Want to differentiate the game from the movies? Have the Guardians go up against Galactus! Just have Big Purple do his thing of eating a world, and the Guardians have to rescue people from the planet. You don’t get a bigger set piece than having Galactus eating the world while you’re doing some last minute saves. Whether or not they can stop Galactus would be up to the developers, but I’m in favor of not being able to stop Galactus.

And Galactus needs to have a herald, a boss fight you can defeat. Should it be Silver Surfer? Obviously he’s the most famous herald, but Silver Surfer is also great as a good guy. So perhaps Galactus’ herald could be Firelord or Stardust, and Surfer could be an ally of the team.

1. Lila Cheney

We need more superhero rockstar comics

Lila Cheney is great and perfect for a Guardians of the Galaxy cameo! She’s an intergalactic rock star, and the Guardians attending a concert for a mission sounds awesome! They can’t just be visiting random planets and fighting AIM agents, right? Send them to a crowded rock concert! Have them go backstage and meet the real Lila Cheney! It would be fun because she’s actually from Earth, she’s a mutant with the power to teleport only vast distances. There’s already been a Dazzler tease in the first footage, so give us some real rock and roll!

Surely they need somebody to actually sing “Holding Out For a Hero”, right?


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