6 Weird Versions of Loki I Hope to See in the New TV Show

The Loki TV show debuted today on Disney+ and I’m very excited to watch. I’ve loved all of the Marvel Studios TV shows to date, and everyone is very pumped about Loki being the best yet. By all means, let’s hope for the best and enjoy the show!

Who is your TV show now?

Loki being Loki, and the nature of this show being weird as possible, means we might get some really weird Lokis along the way. How weird? I’m ready to get really weird. Because Loki is rarely just Loki in his comic book history. There are some really weird Lokis out there to enjoy. And I hope the new TV show finds a way to include a bunch of them, just to be as weird as possible. Will any of these happen? Maybe some. Should all of them happen? Heck yeah!

Join me after the jump for some weird and alternate versions of Loki that I hope pop up on his show!

6. Lady Loki

It’s all in the hair

This is the one that people most want to see so I’m putting it first because it’s so obvious. Once upon a time, when the Norse Gods were resurrected following Ragnarok, Marvel surprised everyone by making Loki a woman. Neat idea! It was later revealed that Loki had stolen the body of Lady Sif as part of some mischief. Thor saved the day and gave Sif her body back, and Loki went back to normal. But a legit lady version of Loki would be a pretty neat twist for an episode.

5. Kid Loki

See? No hair

A heroic child version of Loki was also a thing for a while. He got resurrected as a kid through some typical shenanigans and then went on a bunch of mystical adventures for a couple years. He was a member of a new Young Avengers for a while. Kid Loki had less powers and not all of his memories, but he had some fans in his time. And a kid version of the main character sounds pretty solid for the show, right? It’s gonna deal with time travel, after all.

4. New Gods Loki

The 90s were such a wonderful time

I will use any excuse possible to talk about Amalgam Comics, so here we go. DC Comics doesn’t actually have their own version of Loki, at least not a prominent one. Loki, the figure from Norse Mythology, had a fun role in Neil Gaiman’s Sandman, but not one that anybody remembers. So let’s go with the time Marvel and DC Comics merged their characters, and the Asgardians were combined with the New Gods. That gave us L’ok D’saad, because why not? He was a short-lived character, but Amalgam references are always fun.

Though now that I think about it, the Sandman Loki might be fun, too. He was a skinny guy with orange, flame-like hair. And that is an easy enough visual to throw into the Loki show at some point, right? Not as cool and dramatic as L’ok D’saad, but maybe subtle is the way to go.

3. Ultimate Loki

The 2000s were OK

Speaking of subtle, Ultimate Comics did great with Loki! Instead of an over-the-top villain swathed in green and yellow, with big, obtrusive horns, Ultimate Loki played the long game as a dude in short black hair and a simple suit. In the first two volumes of The Ultimates, no one could be quite sure that Thor was indeed the Norse god living on Earth. And Loki used that doubt to play the ultimate trick on Thor: convince everybody, over time, that he was crazy. And while all of this was going on, the artist hid Loki in the background of panels. You wouldn’t recognize him, because he just looked like a normal dude, but the manipulation rose to a fever pitch and the Ultimates fought Thor and had him locked up. This led to a really huge climax where Loki reveals himself and summons the warriors of all Nine Realms to fight our heroes, but Thor eventually got free and saved the day. So good for him.

But Loki in a blue suit being all subtle and sneaky would be fun in the show. And since Loki is some kind of secret agent in the show, using the name “Gunnar Golman” as a cover identity would be an easy and fun Easter Egg.

2. The Mask

What’s Jim Carrey doing these days?

You want to get weird? Let’s get weird! The funnest Easter Egg they could throw into the Loki TV show would be a background appearance of the wooden mask from The Mask. As we all remember, the mask that Stanley Ipkiss wears in that classic Jim Carrey film was possessed by Loki, which gave him his powers. Loki even turned up in Son of the Mask, played by Alan Cumming. It’s one of Loki’s more prominent pop culture appearances. So why not have some weird fun and get a prop mask to put in the background somewhere? A cheeky reference to this non-comics version of Loki? An Alan Cumming cameo would be fun, but nobody remembers Son of the Mask.

1. Cat Head Thor Loki

A Nancy Whitehead cameo would also be appreciated

And so we come to the entry that this list was made for. Cat Head Thor Loki! Appearing in The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl comic, Cat Head Thor Loki was the dream of Nancy Whitehead, Squirrel Girl’s best friend who joined her on an adventure with the Asgardians. Loki was looking for ways to mess with Thor and Nancy was very quick to ask for “Cat Thor, Odinson as a cat”. It’s a whole fan fiction thing, and is one of the funniest bits in the early Squirrel Girl comic. So having Tom Hiddleston don a giant cat head for a scene or two would be the bee’s knees.

Make it happen!


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