Oscar Isaac Confirmed as Moon Knight

This has been known for a while now, but wasn’t as confirmed as I usually like when I write about superhero movie casting. But now Marvel Studios has confirmed that Oscar Isaac will be Moon Knight in the upcoming TV show!

I thought the bottom left was Isaac’s hair

And great! I like Isaac. I like Moon Knight. And the character has gone through a lot of modern revisions that make him especially cool. So I have high hopes for this series. And that’s about it. I think the show is in pre-production right now. It’s a year or two out from our TV screens. But I have total faith in this casting and this show.


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  1. Awesome. My favorite superhero. I just hope they get his mental illness right. Which is my favorite aspect of him. Hope they don’t follow his last run( forgot who the writer is, but he has the sun king, and moon knight had a daughter or something) and instead follow the one where Mr knight was introduced. What run do you think they should follow?

    • I agree it should be that short but sweet Warren Ellis series, where he was Mr. Knight…though Warren Ellis is a bit of a no-go these days. But that was a great series for Moon Knight. Though, I’ll admit, it’s the only Moon Knight I’ve ever read. Heh. He’s just never been one of my characters. But I’m glad to hear your favorite superhero is getting a show! I’m sure the mental illness angle will be a major focus.

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