6 Things I Want to See in the Hawkeye TV Show

Last week, we finally got some major news about the Hawkeye TV show coming to Disney+, including the fact that Hailee Steinfeld will be starring as Kate Bishop. I think that’s great! But here’s the thing: most of the news we got confirmed everything I’d want to see in a Hawkeye TV show. So what the heck am I going to put into this list?

Remember when he did this?

My list of things I’d want to see on the Hawkeye show begins and ends with Matt Fraction’s legendary Hawkeye comic book run, which I consider an era-defining comic from the 2000s. And the news last week confirmed that the show is definitely taking that comic as direct inspiration, from both the inclusion of Pizza Dog to the villain, Clown. So what’s left to even talk about?

Welp, I managed to find a couple other things and cobbled this list together. Sometimes, even when they use the best source material possible, these adaptations can really muck things up. So allow me to offer six guidelines of things I’d like to see in the upcoming Hawkeye TV show!

6. Classic costume

Letter on the forehead is definitely an Avengers thing

There have been hints of this happening, and I’d like to see it for real in the show. Movie Hawkeye based his costumes largely on Ultimate Hawkeye, with his sleek and sexy costume. I was perfectly fine with that. I’m a huge fan of The Ultimates (at least the first two volumes) and Hawkeye’s classic comic book costume is kinda silly. But we know we’re going to get flashbacks in the show to Clint Barton’s training with Swordsman, so why not include some variation of his classic costume in those flashbacks? They can do something similar to Captain America’s USO costume. It would especially work if they include the fact that Clint got his training with a circus, I think.

5. Pizza dog episode

Pizza dog is a jerk to that other, littler dog

In the Matt Fraction Hawkeye comic, Clint takes in a dog named Lucky from the bad guys, but Lucky became more commonly known as “Pizza Dog”. And in the genius of Fraction and artist David Aja, they once dedicated an entire issue of the comic from Pizza Dog’s perspective. They used visual cues and other tricks of the comic book trade to tell a chapter in the ongoing story from the dog’s perspective, and it was an instant classic of an issue. The show should do the same. I don’t think they’ll get a bajillion episodes, but they should be clever and do an episode from Pizza Dog’s perspective. I bet it would be fun!

4. His family

Give us more Linda Cardellini!

The best scene in Avengers: Age of Ultron was when Hawkeye brought the team to his secret family to lay low. Maybe some people didn’t like this scene, but if so, they’re crazy. This was the most heart-warming, wonderfully human scene of the film! And then his family played a big part for his character in Avengers: Endgame. So yeah, they definitely need to have some kind of role in his TV show. Maybe explain why Kate Bishop gets to be his apprentice instead of his daughter?

3. Echo as Ronin

The one thing I really know about Echo

This one is probably a given, but I imagine we’ll see Echo as Ronin at some point in the show. That’s what happened in the comics, after all. Hawkeye became Ronin in the comics, and then he became Ronin in Avengers: Endgame. Echo became Ronin in the comics, and Echo is going to show up in the Hawkeye TV show. So…Echo becomes Ronin? For some reason? I suppose I don’t know enough about comic book Echo to understand how this would happen, but it would be fun to see on the show.

2. Kate Bishop solo episode(s)

For the young people

A key part of the comic was that Kate Bishop eventually got so made at Clint that she took off and had her own adventures in Los Angeles. It’s a key point in the comics and could easily translate into the TV show. Again, I don’t know how many episodes they have, but surely they can give Kate Bishop a solo episode in the back half of the series to really draw the separation between the two main characters. And then she comes back for the grand finale battle…

1. Boomerang arrow

Lots of good villains have based themselves around boomerangs

Obviously I expect to see plenty of trick arrows in the show, but the boomerang arrow is special. For you see, it was the focus of a truly excellent long term gag in the comic. There are plenty of scenes depicting the silliness of the boomerang arrow, and how it “always comes back”. Then in the story, Kate Bishop gets mad at Clint and leaves, like I mentioned. Then, when she comes back for the grand finale, she marks her arrival with the boomerang arrow. She came back…like the arrow! Look, you get it. What I’m saying is, it was a great moment in the comics, built into the silliness of the trick arrows. If the show doesn’t use this moment they are leaving a genius arrow gag on the cutting room floor. Appreciate a good arrow gag!


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