6 Miles Morales Versions of Classic Spider-Man Villains

I am very much enjoying the new Spider-Man: Miles Morales video game! It’s an extension of the first Spider-Man game on Playstation 4, which itself was a masterpiece. This new game is a Miles Morales-flavored version of that first game, which is pretty fun!

Did you know that there are also a lot of Miles Morales-flavored versions of classic Spider-Man villains?

They be Spidey-ing

Miles has been with us since 2011 and he’s easily established himself as a quality Spider-Man in his own right. He’s got his own rogue’s gallery of villains, but one interesting thing about Miles is that he’s started to build up a set of villains who are alternate versions of classic Spider-Man villains. I think it’s neat! And a fun way to celebrate the release of the new game!

So join me after the jump for six classic Spider-Man villains who have been re-imagined in their fight against Miles Morales. Also, expect FULL SPOILERS for the new Spider-Man: Miles Morales video game.

6. Evil twin

Except for the scars

OK, so this one is a bit of a stretch. Turns out I couldn’t find six, but I still really wanted to do this list. So let’s just do this. Spider-Man is known for having his Clone Saga and a bunch of evil twins running around. Miles has something similar: his 616 counterpart! Miles Morales was first created as a member of the Ultimate Universe at Marvel. And since he was from an alternate universe, it would stand to reason that he would have a counterpart in the regular 616 Marvel Universe. We did eventually meet this guy, and 616 Miles Morales is a total jerkwad. He was a master criminal who aided in the Kingpin’s rise to power then disappeared into a quiet normal life with his wife. When she later died by regular means, Miles traveled to the Ultimate Universe to find her counterpart.

So even if this doesn’t fit the exact nature of this listicle, perhaps I’ve at least answered any questions you may have had about whether or not Miles had a 616 counterpart.

5. Prowler

Disappointed uncle face

This one is the most well known! When Miles was introduced in the Ultimate Universe, we were also immediately introduced to the Ultimate Prowler, who turned out to be his uncle, Aaron Davis. The Prowler is a classic Spider-Man character. The original 616 Prowler is Hobie Brown, a villain turned hero who became a close ally of the Peter Parker Spider-Man. But since there was no Ultimate Prowler by the time Miles came around, the writers took the identity and gave it to Uncle Aaron. Now that Miles has joined the regular 616 universe and brought his supporting characters with him, there are two Prowlers operating independently from one another.

4. Doctor Octopus

Living her best life

This lady version of Otto Octavius was one of the main villains of the Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse movie. The classic Doc Ock has been a Spidey villain for decades. But in the Miles-focused Spider-Verse movie, he got a makeover into a she, with a really great reveal scene. Liv was a longtime foe to her reality’s Peter Parker, but since we only know her through the lens of a Miles Morales movie, I’m counting her as a Miles villain! It’s his reality too.

3. Scorpion

Keeping on brand

Surprisingly, Miles doesn’t have very many Ultimate versions of classic villains to call his own. This is only the second one on this list. An Ultimate Scorpion did exist prior to Miles showing up; he was a clone of Ultimate Peter Parker. Then when Miles came around, the writers created a new new version of this classic villain. Miles’ version of the Scorpion was dangerous cartel boss Maximus Gargan. He carried around a hook weapon on a chain, giving him his crime boss name. Gargan wanted to become a new kingpin of crime, but Miles teamed up with his uncle to take him down.

2. Starling (Vulture)

Grandpa would be proud

Starling isn’t a new version of the Vulture, technically, but she still counts as far as I’m concerned. Introduced last year, Tiana Toomes is the granddaughter of the classic Vulture in the 616 Universe. He took care of her after his son ran out on the family and Tiana’s mother died, eventually giving Tiana her own bird-suit based on his designs. She came up against Miles and became a frenemy of sorts, more of an ally than an enemy. I think she’s neat. And she’s in the new Champions comic, so she’s still around!

1. Tinkerer

Purple is the new black

TURN BACK FOR SPOILERS! The new Spider-Man: Miles Morales video game introduces a new version of the Tinkerer: an old school friend of Miles. Phin Mason is her name, and I’m actually a little disappointed in myself for not catching that name sooner. I knew going into the game that the new Tinkerer was a woman, so I knew right away that Miles’ friend Phin, a brand new female character introduced early in this game, was going to be revealed as the villain. But it took me longer than I’d like to put the name “Phin” together with classic Tinkerer name Phineas Mason. She’s a high tech version of the classic character, out to save Harlem from the corrupt Roxxon energy company. And that’s all I’m going to spoil because I’ve got to get back and beat the game myself.



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