6 Things I Want to See in Spider-Man: Miles Morales

Last week, we got the news that Insomniac has made a new Spider-Man video game to star Miles Morales, due out at launch alongside the Playstation 5 later this year. Their Spider-Man game from 2018 was a masterpiece of web-swinging action, so anything they do with any web-slinger is good news! And, obviously, I have requests!

Behold, Playstation 5 graphics!

There has been some back-and-forth since the announcement of Spider-Man: Miles Morales as to what the game is, exactly. Some people have said it’s going to just be a remastered and enhanced version of the 2018 game with some new Miles content. Some people have said it’s a stand alone game that makes use of the previous game’s architecture, while not being a full-on sequel. And in the end, we don’t yet fully know who to believe.

But that’s not going to stop me from throwing off my list of things I’d like to see show up in Spider-Man: Miles Morales!

6. Brooklyn

Looks nice

Miles Morales is famously from Brooklyn. We all saw Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse, and Miles has become a far more mainstream character because of that excellent movie. Miles bled Brooklyn. If this new game really wants to add new content to the previous game, throwing in a whole new borough of New York City is an easy way to make that happen. The game delivered a perfect Manhattan for web-swinging around. Give us that map again, but throw in a bridge and a Brooklyn. Heck, feel free to throw in the Bronx and Staten Island too, but I’m pretty sure those other boroughs are something they might save for the real sequel. All Miles needs is Brooklyn.

5. Active power use

Big things are ahead, kid

As we all know, Miles is not an exact replica of Peter Parker. He has powers unique to him, specifically the venom blast and being able to turn invisible. No doubt these powers will be in the game…but I want to ensure they are available at all times. By that, I mean we need to be able to activate those powers as freely as we shoot webs. I don’t just want invisible stealth missions that are separate from the main game, like the Miles missions in the previous game. I want to be able to turn invisible while swinging or fighting punks. I want to be able to whip out a venom blast while fighting punks. Don’t just make these powers scene or quick time specific. Make them active!

4. Brooklyn Visions Academy

Weirdly the only picture I could find of the place online

Miles Morales is still a teenager and still has to go to high school, specifically the Brooklyn Visions Academy. I know people don’t particularly enjoy civilian missions in superhero video games, but I am not opposed. I wouldn’t mind some parts of the game where Miles has to keep up his daily school responsibilities. It would also be a great place to use Ganke, his best friend. Remember the game Bully? Sure, the open world sandbox game was a lot of fun, but I also really liked the mini-games and role-playing aspect of having to return to the classroom. I think Spider-Man: Miles Morales could do something similar.

3. Bombshell and her mom

Parents just don’t understand

There aren’t many Ultimate Spider-Man specific characters for a Miles Morales game to use. Most of his villains were just regular Spider-Man villains, many of whom were already given an appearance in the first game. But there is one pair of characters that are Ultimate specific, and who have gone on to be solid supporting characters in Miles’ comic book adventures: Lana Baumgartner and her mom. I think they both go by the name “Bombshell”. They have explodey powers and went on some crime sprees together, until the various Spider-Men helped Lana see the light. She’d go on to be a solid friend to Miles both in the Ultimate Universe and the regular universe. So she’d be perfect as a supporting character/subplot for this new game. A teenage villain struggling to live up to her mother’s expectations, and whom Miles helps become a hero instead!

2. Spider-Ham

You know you want to swing as Spider-Ham around NYC

This one will be hard to pull off, but after Into the Spider-Verse, we need a Spider-Ham cameo. Maybe it’ll be a drug trip or a Mysterio thing or a one-off really random side mission. Either way, get us a good, solid Spider-Ham cameo! And bring back John Mulaney to do the voice! And then make Spider-Ham an unlockable costume!

1. Multiple Prowlers

Classic costume scheme, modern Uncle Aaron identity

Look, I know the idea that Miles’ Uncle Aaron as the Prowler has a lot more traction in pop culture than the classic Prowler, Hobie Brown. But I’m a big classic Prowler fan! I don’t want to see Hobie tossed to the wayside! Surely the game can find some way to sneak in Hobie. Perhaps when they do Uncle Aaron as the Prowler, Hobie is there helping him design his equipment. And then maybe becomes a rival Prowler. Or maybe all my dreams come true and we do classic Hobie/Prowler as a friend and ally of Peter Parker. Either way, if we can assume the game will go full steam ahead on Uncle Aaron as the Prowler, I hope the classic isn’t completely forgotten.


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