Leah Williams is Bringing Back the Blob (Sort of) For a New X-Factor!

Look, I’m a friendly guy. I like people. I like getting along with people. I write this blog for fun and don’t have a mean bone in my body when it comes to comics. But apparently I’ve done something to anger the comic book gods, because now it seems that Dawn of X is going out of its way to target me and everything I specifically love about the X-Men.

A new X-Factor comic has been announced for April, written by Leah Williams, with art by David Baldeon.

XFactor Dawn of X 01

You’ll notice that lineup on the front cover…and you’ll notice there’s no Multiple Man. The one character who is most closely connected to the X-Factor brand and he doesn’t get to be involved. Sigh. I can’t help but take that personally.

Instead of Multiple Man, this series will focus on this new team — Northstar, Polaris, Daken, Eye-Boy, Prodigy and Prestige — assisting The Five, the resurrection mutants. This new X-Factor will investigate and confirm mutant deaths and all the various rules around the resurrection protocols…which sounds good. I am fully in favor of comics that actually explore the new Krakoan status quo.

There is one really hopeful thing that I didn’t see at first until I finally read through the actual announcement article on Polygon. I was worried that Leah Williams’ arrival in Dawn of X wasn’t going to feature the Blob after her stellar turn with the character in Age of X-Man.

Williams told Polygon that the Blob will indeed be a part of this new X-Factor!

“His new role (thanks to Ben Percy and Josh Cassara!) is perfect,” Williams said, “and gives Freddy a bigger path threading through all our books.”

OK, I can accept that. I will gladly trade a Multiple Man appearance for Williams continuing her work on rehabilitating the Blob.

Williams also mentioned that her series will focus a lot on Northstar and his human husband Kyle, and what life is like for Kyle on Krakoa. She said they’re going to explore more about humans on Krakoa. That could include the Mimic! I’ll get my hopes up about that.

But for now, I’m just excited that Leah Williams is indeed returning to the Blob! Even if just as a subplot!

X-Factor #1 arrives in April.


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  1. The ideas sound interesting, especially how Northstar’s human husband adjusts to Krakoa… but I don’t care. I demand Jamie Madrox!

    The gall of leaving him out…

    This is a criminal crime that’s been perpetrated by criminals.

    • Upon further exploration, it seems Williams mentioned on Twitter that Jamie has already been scooped up for some other project. So I guess we’ll wait and see on that. Perhaps he’ll be on the roster to the mysterious X-Corp that’s been mentioned…not that Dawn of X needs another random team with a random roster.

  2. Im holding onto hope that we still haven’t seen “our” Jaimie Madrox since then end of Peter Davids run, and he’s got a life with Layla and their baby on the farm being true to his last words of the comic “I’m done”.
    Until he gets bored and starts another venture on the mainland. I can see him not wanting to be a part of the whole mutant Utopia and doing his own thing on the mainland.
    I keep hoping he shows up in Marauders just becasue I think Duggan would do a great job with his character

    • Duggan would do phenomenal with Jamie Madrox! That would be such a good place for him.

      I agree that Marvel hasn’t seemed to know what to do with the character — or even really understood the character — since the end of X-Factor. But if putting up with the idea that he’s living a good life on Krakoa is the price I have to pay to get some semblance of the real Jamie Prime back to life, I’m willing to pay it after the past few years of character assassination. I can be happy with Jamie and Layla living their best lives on Krakoa – even if he reverted back to his dumb original costume.

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