6 Things I Want to See in the Black Widow Movie

The first trailer for the upcoming Black Widow movie came out of nowhere last week, and I liked it! Of course, I’m a huge Marvel fanboy, so I’m probably going to like everything they produce from now until the heat death of the universe. So you best believe I’m excited for Black Widow!

Black Widow See List 01

That’s some good movie poster

But what’s going to be in the movie? We know it takes place prior to Avengers: Infinity War. We know Taskmaster is the villain, and that Natasha will team up with the other comic book Black Widow, as well as Red Guardian. And we know it’s going to be heavy on the crazy action and adventure. There’s probably also going to be some trouble with the Red Room.

Still, there’s a lot of movie left wide open for cameos, Easter Eggs, callbacks and more. So join me after the jump for the little things I’d like to see in the Black Widow movie! And feel free to share some of your own ideas in the comments!

6. Nat/Bruce mention

Black Widow See List 02

So romantic!

Was I the only person in the world who liked the little romance between Black Widow and Hulk in Avengers: Age of Ultron? I dunno, I just liked the two of them together. The badass, action hero Natasha Romanov and the bookish nerd Bruce Banner. It was cute and fun. But the rest of the fandom seemed to hate it, and the relationship obviously didn’t come to fruition, what with Hulk taking a powder to another freakin’ planet! I don’t know what I would expect in the Black Widow movie. Maybe a mention? Yeah, probably won’t get that.

5. Crimson Dynamo

Black Widow See List 03

Bigger is better

Way back at the start of Iron Man 2, we had a comedic montage of other countries trying and failing to make their own Iron Man suits. It’s what Justin Hammer wanted from Whiplash. Well some time has passed, what if a country succeeded? Like in the comics? Bring in Crimson Dynamo! He doesn’t have to be as fancy or as successful as Iron Man. In fact, making him a little clunkier would add charm. But it’s a villain that would fit within the established continuity of the Marvel Universe and would look good on screen. There might not be room for Crimson Dynamo in this first film, but he could be teased or Easter Egged in there somewhere.

4. Taskmaster vs. Hawkeye

Black Widow See List 04


In the new trailer, the one time we see Taskmaster we see him shooting a bow and arrow. Now, you don’t just put a bow and arrow into a Marvel movie like this. Surely it’s connected to Hawkeye somehow, right? Give us a flashback of some kind where Taskmaster fought Hawkeye and learned through his adaptive reflexes how to shoot as well as Clint! That would be pretty fun. And it would be a more interesting flashback than if we saw Budapest. Honestly, I don’t want to see any Budapest flashbacks. Budapest is better left to our imaginations.

3. Taskmaster lives

Black Widow See List 05

Is that enough skull mask?

Keep the villain alive. Marvel movies tend to kill off the villain at the end of the film. Sometimes that works, but for someone as versatile as Taskmaster, it would be better to keep him around! He could fight any number of heroes. And better yet, he could be prime for some future Thunderbolts movie or TV show. You’ve got to make your Thunderbolts out of existing characters, right? And who is even left? Ghost? Batroc? Keep Taskmaster alive at the end of Black Widow and make room for him down the line. It makes the most sense.

2. Not too many betrayal twists

Black Widow See List 06

I’ve got my eye on you, Rachel Weisz!

Look. The trailer clearly shows Natasha reuniting with three old Russian spy colleagues. And the IMDB page does not list anyone as playing Taskmaster, who is very much wearing a mask and armor. I don’t think it’s too much of a stretch to say that one of her old spy colleagues might be Taskmaster. One of them is definitely going to betray her. That’s just how moviemaking and storytelling work. I just hope they don’t overdue it. Or are clever about it. Let’s not just get a bunch of obvious, boring double crosses, huh? Heck, let’s not have any double crosses whatsoever! Now that would be a twist!

1. Ursa Major!

Black Widow See List 07

Needs more bear

He’s a big, angry Russian guy who turns into a bigger, angrier Russian bear! Ursa Major is an underappreciated character, and now is the best chance to bring him into the Marvel Cinematic Universe. We can already see from the trailer that Red Guardian’s best days are behind him. Perhaps he did lead a Winter Guard team once upon a time, complete with Ursa Major! Though I suppose that might scuttle the idea that the Avengers were the world’s first superhero team, and I don’t want to ruin that bit of world continuity. So how about Ursa Major shows up as a way to bring us to Black Widow 2! Perhaps in a future sequel, we check back in with Red Guardian and Yelena Belova and they’ve started a new Russian Avengers! They can even add Crimson Dynamo. But they definitely need to have this big super bear!


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