A Peek at What I Actually Want to See in Dawn of X

Dawn of X is in full swing and I’m mostly lukewarm about the whole thing so far. Most of the comics are fine, but I don’t feel like any of them are really exploring the full depth and breadth of the new Krakoa-based status quo. Two different comics star a character that used to be part of Psylocke. A majority of the comics are about a team of mutants who leave the island immediately. Almost all of them have gone back to X-business as usual, in my opinion.

I want to learn about life on Krakoa. I want stories that actually deal with the new status quo and how it has changed these characters. And in this week’s issue of Excalibur, we got just a taste of the sort of thing I want to see in Dawn of X.

Behold, a mutant message board!

Dawn of X Desire 01

I don’t think mutantsunmuted.com is a real site

Look at all of that brilliant material! Putting together a Krakoan soccer team? Serious questions about childcare on this strange mutant party island? Concerns about phone chargers and tampons? Mutants actually trying to live up to the “Make More Mutants” commandment with a 21st century dating sentimentality?

I find this stuff fascinating. Am I alone? I want to see more day-in-the-life stuff on Krakoa. What are the living arrangements really like? Is there internet? What about mutants who were pretty comfortable living in the real world, are they super cool about uprooting those lives and living in some pod condo on this island? Have they all had to give up junk food in favor of an all-natural Krakoan diet? How do they get tampons?!

Is there a police force? Are there schools? A library? Has anybody started up a newsletter? Is there a dress code for what X-Men uniforms you can/should wear? Is somebody providing these uniforms?

I am in no position to make demands of Marvel Comics, but can we get an anthology series about life on Krakoa?



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  1. Not a real site, but if you do a whois on it, Disney registered it on 4 November.

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