The Blob-assaince Was Good Enough

The Age of X-Man is almost at an end. I don’t know what’s going to happen in the big Omega finale. I don’t know if the Blob is even going to appear. But Leah William’s final issue of X-Tremists is out, and she lets our boy go on a really strong moment that I wanted to share.

Blob Indestructible 02

He’s being set up for a rude awakening!

This moment is good, but the really great moment I’m going to put after the jump in case you didn’t want to get spoiled by simply opening my blog today.

So all hell has broken loose. The Age of X-Man is crashing down around them all. Everybody’s memories are coming back. Maybe not the Blob’s just yet. He doesn’t seem to have remembered his old self. But Betsy Braddock, the love of his life, has just helped restore a lot of memories and she’s hurt. And those with their memories restored are pretty pissed at the leader of Department X for taking their memories in the first place.

Then Williams gives Blob one of the coolest moment he’s ever had!

Blob Indestructible 01

Man, that’s awesome. That’s why they put him in charge of the erasure squad!

In an era when all of my favorite X-characters are being killed off, I’m glad to see one of them gets to still have awesome moments. Leah Williams has done more for the Blob in these past five issues than probably any writer in the past five decades. And while it’s probably all going to be undone with the Hickman reboot in a couple months, at least for this moment, the Blob got to be a person for once.

That’s pretty darn cool.


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  1. Age of X-Man was better than anyone had any reason to expect, and it’s a pretty close race between X-Tremists and Prisoner X for which mini was the best, but I have to give the edge to X-Tremists. This final issue was killer. I’ve always loved Jubilee, of course, so I obviously loved how Williams handled her. And man, this version of Blob is the best ever. Let’s be honest, Blob’s always been a really boring character. He’s a somewhat entertaining antagonist in small doses, but he’s never actually been written in a way that’s compelling. Until this mini. I want this version of Blob to carry into the normal universe. I want him to remember his best self, and aspire to live up to the person he can be. Even better if Betsy’s there pulling for him, too.

    • I agree 100%. Blob has only ever been one-note until now, and this could be a real jump forward for the character. He’s been around in the X-Verse since only the third issue. He’s due some quality character stuff at long last.

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