6 Things I Want to See in a Pokemon Cinematic Universe

With the Detective Pikachu movie already hyped up beyond belief, there was talk recently of a potential Pokemon Cinematic Universe. Word has it that the studio behind Detective Pikachu is already working on a Pokemon Red and Blue movie set in the same world, with all these awesome and adorable realistic-looking animated Pokemon.

Bring it on, I say!

Pokemon CU List 01

He’s so fuzzy!

Like everyone else in the world, I am mesmerized by the Pokemon in the Detective Pikachu movie trailers. They look so amazing! Adorable and realistic and crazy to exist! I have been a Pokemon fan since the Pokemon Red and Blue games first came out. I’ve got my favorites and I’ve got my hopes and dreams. And since I probably won’t be able to play Pokemon Sword and Shield, this movie franchise might be just what I need to get my Pokemon fix.

Seriously, I never stopped playing Pokemon Go. I’m that deep.

Join me after the jump for what I’d like from a Pokemon Cinematic Universe!

Honorable Mention: The Master Six

Pokemon CU List 02

Always saved for Mewtwo

This is a bit of silly self-promotion. Not that I have anything to promote, I just feel like sharing another example of how deep I was/am in Pokemon. The Master Six are my Pokemon fan fiction team from my teenage fan fiction-writing days. I didn’t write about how my Mary Sue insert character fell in love with Misty and had a million babies. I created my own awesome Pokemon masters and gave them this epic story — which was probably only epic in my head. The Master Six were six young kids on their own Pokemon journeys who came together to fight Team Rocket and otherwise be cool kids. Whistler was the leader, with a magic flute that could put Pokemon to sleep (instead of wake them up, like in the game). Since then, I always play the female protagonist in Pokemon games and name her “Whistler”…or “Whistle” if there isn’t enough room. She was joined by five others, each with unique powers or equipment. It was a whole thing.

The first two chapters of The Master Six fan fiction are still available on FanFiction.net. I wrote a third, but it’s been lost to the Internet, and the fourth one never got finished. And I had a ton more planned out. It was one of the first times I’d fully though out my own world-building. And I’m still rather proud of the work…even though I will never read it. I’d probably break my spine from cringing so hard.

If I truly list what I want to see in the Pokemon Cinematic Universe, then that includes the movie studio randomly stumbling upon my fan fiction, loving it and then reaching out to me to make a Master Six movie to add to the growing PCU. And I’m just enough of an idealist and daydreamer to pretend there’s a chance! Don’t judge me!

6. More original stories

Pokemon CU List 03

Like horror!

Detective Pikachu is a weird idea for a movie. It was a weird idea for a handheld video game, but that’s a little more forgiving. For a big screen movie, the idea of a Pikachu wearing a Sherlock Holmes hat and solving mysteries? That’s insane! How is that even a thing? Why is that the foundation on which you’re going to build this live action Pokemon universe? The idea of then making a movie based on the first video game makes some sense.

But I think now is the time for original Pokemon stories. A youngster and a Pikachu setting out on their journey as a Pokemon trainer is all well and good. But let’s get more original with it! Especially if you’re going to make a whole cinematic universe! How about a movie about a Pokemon zoo? Or Pokemon-themed superheroes? Or an underdog team of Pokemon trainers competing in a tournament? Or an old Pokemon training coming out of retirement to relive one more shot at glory? Get creative and original with it!

5. Proper Mewtwo mythology

Pokemon CU List 04

He has become death, destroyer of worlds

Mewtwo is my favorite Pokemon, and I’m excited that he’s going to show up in Detective Pikachu. I just hope they bother to get his origin right, an origin that I think could be a foundational point of the Pokemon Cinematic Universe. Human scientists try to clone the mythical and ancient Pokemon Mew, creating the mighty, man-made Pokemon Mewtwo! It’s a pretty cool story. I know the cartoon movies have explored it pretty well, but now’s the chance to do it even better! Not to mention the fact that the failures of the experiment results in the man-made Pokemon Ditto! So that’s neat too!

4. Red needs to talk

Pokemon CU List 05

Just do it

One of the things that unnecessarily grinds my gears is the silent video game protagonist. Or, not that specifically, but the idea that the silence is incorporated into the character and story. If the character is meant to be legitimately mute, that’s one thing. But when a video game tries to get cutesy with the fact that they don’t want dialogue from the PC, so they write the story out as if the character simply doesn’t say anything, that grinds my gears. And I’m pretty sure that’s Red’s whole deal, and it bugs the heck out of me. I already don’t like Red, but that silent protagonist part really bugs me.

Is Red legitimately mute? Is that a thing? I honestly don’t know, and if he’s legitimately mute, then I take it back.

But if he’s been silent simply because the original Pokemon Red and Blue writers didn’t want to give him dialogue, then screw that noise! If he’s gonna be the star of a Pokemon Red and Blue movie then he needs to speak!

3. Menacing Team Rocket

Pokemon CU List 06

The evil Jesse and James!

Everybody loves Team Rocket. Jesse, James and Meowth are great. But in a world as seemingly realistic and serious as Detective Pikachu, I want an actively menacing Team Rocket. They’re an international criminal organization, with a ruthless leader and all manner of organized crime. They’re also perfect as an overarching villain entity across any number of films. Giovanni is no Thanos, but Team Rocket could menace just about anybody in whatever movies they decided to make. And having Jesse and James show up, possibly more serious than their normal TV show appearances, would be a lot of fun, too.

2. Ash Ketchum

Pokemon CU List 07

Cast actual 10-year-old

Make a live action Ash Ketchum movie. Just do it. Don’t be afraid. Don’t run from it. More people know Ash Ketchum than know Red. Ash has a lot established. And think of the crossover appeal from the get go! Debut Misty and Brock in the Pokemon Red and Blue movie, then have them become major characters in the Ash Ketchum movie. And Ash’s story is an interesting one. An ordinary 10-year-old boy protagonist who takes his shot at the local championship and fails. That’s a solid story!

And if you’re going to have an Avengers-style team-up movie with all of your Pokemon Cinematic Universe protagonists, you need recognizable characters like Ash. I just looked up Detective Pikachu on IMDB. The main human character’s name is Tim Goodman. What kind of boring name is that?! Give the world a live action Ash Ketchum!

1. Like, all the Pokemon

Pokemon CU List 08

Bulbasaur 4 life

Have you seen those crazy live action-inspired, realistic Pokemon designs for Detective Pikachu? Of course you have, they look amazing! And I want more. I want all of the Pokemon. Don’t give us five movies starring a Pikachu. Get crazy with it. Give us all of the generations. Do more legendary and mythical Pokemon. Go underwater. Take trips to snow worlds just to see the snow Pokemon. Don’t hold back. Give us realistic designs of all the hundreds of Pokemon there are!

Did you know that artist R.J. Palmer was hired to work on the movie after his phenomenal series of realistic Pokemon? I love that guy’s work! And he needs a permanent job with the Pokemon Cinematic Universe to help design so many more!

Now is the time to think up an entire Pokemon ecosystem for the entire world. Don’t half-ass this. Get it right and make it great!


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