Speaking of Captain Marvel Movies…Shazam!

There’s another Captain Marvel-ish movie coming out soon, and it’s called Shazam! How about a trailer for that movie?

Everybody knows about the phenomenon of releasing two very similar movies in close proximity. They’re called Twin Films. And I think this is the first superhero Twin Film. How is it that both Captain Marvel movies, one from Marvel and one from DC, are coming out so close together after a decade+ of superhero movie domination?

Anyway, I hope this one is good too, though I still have trouble seeing Zachary Levi as the Big Red Cheese.


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  1. Weird how they hardly showed anything new in this trailer a month away from the premiere… I really don’t know what to expect here! I had thought the Aquaman trailers had shown everything the movie had to offer (as was the case for BvS or Suicide Squad) – but that definitely wasn’t the case and I was shocked by how much I enjoyed it! Can Shazam do the same? I think the lack of marketing is a good sign. The horribly overblown campaigns for Justice League and Suicide Squad definitely contributed to their suckiness.

    • Huh, you’re right! There hasn’t been much story revealed in either trailer. Taht’s very interesting. I would probably agree that less is more. So let’s see what happens! I’m still disappointed that DC hired The Rock to play Black Adam and then decided NOT to use him as the villain in the Shazam movie.

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