Strong Guy Watch: An Even Bigger Beard!

I have good news and I have bad news. The good news is that Strong Guy isn’t dead. The final issue of New Mutants – Dead Souls came out this week, and Strong Guy is still alive!

The bad news is he spent several years in Hell, so he’s been abnormally aged. But he’s now got a badass long beard.

Strong Guy Beard 04

Now he’s an ancient karate master

The bad news is also that the issue ends with Strong Guy and most of the New Mutants being taken over by some new evil version of Warlock. I think?

Strong Guy Beard 05

Resistance is futile

I dunno. It’s a weird place to end a mini-series, since I don’t think the continuation of this story has been announced anywhere. So I’m not entirely sure what happens next.

The good thing is, though, that Strong Guy is still alive. So to speak. That’s mostly what I care about.


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  1. Yes, we’re in an interesting period for mutants, which we haven’t been able to say for a while. Something’s in the air, and I think it’s bigger than Exterminations and Logan returning. The return of Wolverine has been leaving little clues and alterations, and there’s been a lot of time travel mayhem in the last few weeks. Then New Mutants ended…like that…and it’s clear, we’re no longer just experiencing the same old story arcs that end with the status quo, thank goodness. I’ve heard the editorial team is really excited about what’s coming. Something big is afoot.

  2. When the issue ended, I felt like there had to be another story arc. Glad Strong Guy is still among us, but I’m curious as to where this is all going. I really hope it’s going SOMEWHERE.

    I appreciate the SG Watch. Clearly, you are on the side of the angels.

    • I do what I can, friend! Someone has to keep an eye out for those obscure but awesome characters that are so easy to love! And I’m sure this storyline will be picked up somewhere soon.

  3. I’m more pissed off at Karma being turned into a villain. She forced her friend to kill her brother so she could absorb his soul – a truly monstrous act. There are few actual villains who do anything that awful.

    Rosenberg took a disabled queer woman of colour – a rarity in cape comics – and had her commit one of the most reprehensible acts I’ve ever seen in a cape comic. And I’m sure we’ll get follow-up on this mini at some point, obviously we will, but I find I don’t give a shit, because Rosenberg took Karma’s story, gave it to Illyana, and then only brought Karma in to become an absolute monster out of absolutely goddamn nowhere.

    Honestly, to hell with Rosenberg.

    • I knew you weren’t going to be happy with this. Sorry about the story, man. Rest easy in the knowledge that all characters are eventually rehabilitated back to normal. There was once a time where Strong Guy was a soulless monster who killed his friend’s son and then became the King of Hell.

      • At least Guido was a major part of a cult-favourite series. And the story of his heel turn played out over an extended period. Karma just became a monster out of nowhere, because letting her be the focus of her own story is apparently asking too much.

        So who the hell knows what’ll happen to Karma? It’s not as if writers have ever been chomping at the bit to use her. Even if she does get rehabilitated, if Rosenberg’s the one writing that story too, it’ll probably be an afterthought, and there won’t be any follow-up or further use of her.

    • Great point, xpert.

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